Wry ARTificer exhibition review

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Review of Wry ARTificer exhibition

Written by Huynh Nguyen. Huynh is in her third year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree at UOW, majoring in Marketing.

The Bert Flugelman “Wry ARTificer” exhibition, developed by UOW Library, showcases the creation of this truly skilled sculptor. He was best known for his highly recognisable, large-scale works of simplified geometric forms in stainless steel.

First of all, I have to admit that I have little knowledge (little to nothing) about Bert Flugelman or his work. I expected to walk in the gallery, look around, see his work and that’s all. However, it took me by surprise!

I got to see not only some of Flugelman’s work but also the drafts he drew by pen and pencil as a student at National Art School, Sydney.

There are small quotes from Bert Flugelman himself on the walls, talking about his evolution; how he would get excited in something new and develop himself to create it.

In the corner of the gallery, there is a small room with a screen and some chairs where you can watch documentaries about Bert.

To make this experience even more exciting, the Makerspace and UOW Learning Teaching & Curriculum worked together to re-create a number of Flugelman’s sculptures in augmented reality (AR) using Microsoft HoloLens technology.

Watch the livestream of Huynh's AR experience.

It was wonderful to see the patterns on the metal surface in detail. The most amazing thing is that you can view the sculpture in full size.

I was amazed to see how big the “Winged Figure” is – it went through the roof of the Library!

Panizzi Gallery space showing a variety of artworks on the wall and a clay sculpture of a human torso with a plant in it
A man with the HoloLens on, seeing Flugelman's large sculpture in augmented reality

Experience Flugelman for yourself

So, if you have never experienced HoloLens AR technology, come and try it on the 20th and 27th of March from 12.30pm - 1.30pm.

The Wry ARTificer exhibition opens daily from 10am - 5pm, on the Ground Floor of Wollongong Campus Library until March 31.