1968 Martin Sharp poster acquired

UOW Archives recently acquired a 1968 Martin Sharp poster featuring the rock group Cream.

The iconic poster was donated by American-born photographer Sam Bienstock, who was given the item by the artist at the Yellow House, Sydney, around 1971. Sharp and Cream guitarist Eric Clapton shared a flat in London whilst the former was resident there between 1966-8.

The Cream poster adds to a collection of pop art and counterculture posters produced by Sharp at the height of the Swinging Sixties.

We have a number of Sharp’s works in the collection and most of them have come from donors who were given the works directly from the artist. This kind of provenance is priceless and we’re very grateful to Sam Bienstock for his generosity in donating this poster to the Archives.Grant WhiteManager Archives

Image: The Cream poster donated to UOW Archives.

Other Martin Sharp items held in UOW Archives Collections include the Big O Posters Legalise Cannabis – The Putting Together of the Heads, from the Roger Foley collection, Donovan – Sunshine Superman and the well-known Bob Dylan – Mister Tambourine Man – Blowing in the Mind which is inscribed by the artist: To Richard, cheers, Martin 2007 M Sharp.

All three of these works are from 1967 and can be viewed in detail via Research Online.

Related material in the UOW Library collections can be found at the Yellow House site and in Oz Magazine, Sydney and London, held in Archives Online.


Everybody who can remember anything about the 60s can remember Martin's poster of Dylan as Mr Tambourine Man, printed in red and black on gold paper.Germaine Greer"Want to know what the 60s were like? Then look at Martin Sharp’s work", The Guardian, 2009

Image: The iconic Sharp poster, "Mr Tambourine Man, Blowing in the Mind"