Flugelman AR experience

A portrait of artist Bert Flugelman in black and white wearing an akubra hat
Bert Flugelman sitting atop his Gateway to Mount Keira sculpture

Flugelman sculpture AR experience

As part of the current Bert Flugelman | Wry ARTificer exhibition, a number of sculptures have been created in virtual reality (VR) with support from UOW Learning Teaching & Curriculum.

The Microsoft HoloLens technology required to view these sculptures will be made available in the Panizzi Gallery, on the Ground Floor of the Wollongong Campus Library on the following dates from 12.30pm-1.30pm:

  • Wednesday, 6 February
  • Wednesday, 13 February
  • Tuesday, 26 February
  • Wednesday, 27 February
  • Thursday, 28 February
  • Wednesday, 6 March
  • Wednesday, 13 March
  • Wednesday, 20 March
  • Wednesday, 27 March