Where to Print & Copy

How to Print and Copy

  • Sydney Business School, UOW at Innovation Campus - Building 232
  • Digital Media Centre at Innovation Campus – Building 232
  • Campus East, Weerona & International House
  • Shoalhaven Campus – Access Centre (Library), Ray Cleary Building, GSM
  • UOW Southern Sydney
  • Sydney Business School, UOW (Sydney Campus)

If copying, please refer to the copying guide.

Some printers at these locations can only print in black and white.

If you need to print in colour, choose colour printing under 'Print Properties' and collect your prints at printer/copiers marked as "Colour or Black and White" which are located in the Access Centre (Library) at Shoalhaven Campus, and in the Resource Room on Level 1 at Sydney Business School, UOW at Innovation Campus.

Step 1: Make sure there is credit on your UOW ID card or Casual Card

Add credit electronically via secure funds transfer (direct debit from credit card or by logging in to your personal PayPal account) by clicking on the button below

Add credit online via the Manage your Print & Copy Account panel

Step 2 Send document to printer from a computer

  1. Choose print to open the 'Print Job Details' window
  2. Check the details and cost of your print job.
  3. For double-sided printing, click 'OK' button; if you would like single-sided printing click 'Print Properties', change the relevant setting and click ok.
  4. Click "OK" to continue printing or "Cancel" button to abort the print job.
  5. Go to ANY printer.

Step 3 At the printer

  1. Check that the "v" is on "Print Release" on the printer display. Use the arrow buttons to move. Press "v" on the keypad.
  2. Swipe your UOW ID Card or Casual Card in the printer card reader.
  3. Select the "Print Document" option and press "v"
  4. Select one or more documents to print by using the keypad direction buttons and pressing "v" for each one.
  5. Scroll to "Done" and press "v"
  6. After the document(s) have printed there will be a confirmation message. Press the "v" button to exit.

You will have 3 hours, from when you selected print, to go to any printer or printer/copier in the system to collect your job. After this time the job will be automatically deleted.

Last reviewed: 19 June, 2017