Adding credit to your account

Adding credit to your print & copy account

Price List

Black & WhiteColourBlack & WhiteColour
A4 Sheet10c45c19c89c
A3 Sheet20c90c39c$1.79

Scanning options include scanning to your UOWmail email account or to USB. 

Casual Copy Card$2.20More info about purchasing a Casual Copy Card

 Add credit online using secure funds transfer

You can add credit to your UOW Prepaid Printing & Copying account using direct debit from your credit/debit card or transfer of funds from your linked bank account (EFTPOS) via Paypal

  1. Click on "Login to your Account" button
    • Note: This appears on the top right of all pages in the Printing & Copying website
  2. In the "My Details" pane
    1. Enter your UOW User Name or the number of the Casual CopyCard you wish to credit
    2. Then enter the associated PIN for that card.
  3. Click on the amount you wish to add to your account in the "Credits" pane, the choices are $2.50, $5, $10 or $20.
    1. Then select your payment method:
      You can choose between direct debit from your credit/debit card account or transfer from your linked bank account via PayPal:
  4. For direct debit from credit/debit cards:
    1. Fill in the details, including the CCV (card security number which is printed on the signature panel on the back of your credit/debit card), and click "Credit My Account".
    2. Check the "Transactions" pane below to ensure the correct amount has been added to your Prepaid Printing and Copying account.
  5. For transfer of funds via PayPal from your linked bank account (incl. EFTPOS accounts):
    1. You will be transferred to the University of Wollongong PayPal checkout page.
    2. Login in to your PayPal account using your registered PayPal email address and password.
    3. Confirm your preferred payment method and click on "Pay Now".
  6. You will be returned to the UOW Printing & Copying account management window.
  7. In the Transactions pane, check that your transfer appears, and, if confirming, click on "Credit My Account" to approve the transfer.
    • Note: You may need to log back into the UOW Prepaid Printing & Copying account site to confirm the funds transfer

 Add credit via Cashier

Wollongong campus only

You can add credit to your UOW Prepaid Printing & Copying account using the cashiers situated in

  • Print/Copy Room, Ground Floor, Main Library
  • Student Central Jupiter Lab.

There is also a cashier (no EFTPOS) at the Curriculum Resources Centre, top level of Building 22.

You are now ready to print or copy using your UOW student ID card or Casual Copy Card.

Last reviewed: 9 June, 2017