Managing your account

Managing your UOW Printing & Copying account

Once you have set up your UOW Printing & Copying account for use with either your UOW Student ID card or Casual Copy Card, you can log into your personal account to set/reset your PIN, add credit to your account via electronic funds transfer, and check and print receipts on all your Printing & Copying activity.

Note: Access to manage your account is an on-campus service only

Accessing your personal account

  • At the My Details prompt, enter your UOW User Name OR the Casual Copy Card number and your PIN.

To reset your PIN

  • Click the Reset PIN button in the My Details box

To check your credit

  • Check your available credit in the My Accounts box.

To add credit via electronic funds transfer

  • Select one of the 4 amounts listed in the Credits box. You will be transferred to the University of Wollongong PayPal payments gateway, where you can credit your account the elected amount using either your personal PayPal account or via directly using your credit card. More information on electronic transfer of credit.

To view last 10 Printing & Copying and electronic funds transfer transactions

  • You can view your last 10 transactions in the Transactions box. Click on the View link to the right to view a printable receipt for each transaction, or download your Transaction History in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format by clicking on the "Download History (Excel)" link.


Last reviewed: 10 July, 2017