Student prepaid printing & copying

How to print from your Personal Computer via the UOW wireless network

1. Go to the WebPrint login page

  1. Access the login page

Print via Web Submit - Login

2. Login

  1. Use your SOLS username and the PIN you have previously set.

Screenshot: Login Screen

3. Select account

  1. Select the account you wish to debit for this transaction
    • If you have multiple accounts listed please select ONLY the top account.
  2. Check your balance to make sure you have funds to cover this transaction

 Screenshot: Account selection

4. If you need to add funds to your account to pay for this transaction

  1. Open another browser window or tab, go to the UOW Pre Paid Printing & Copying webpage and click on the ACCOUNT button at right.
  2. Login in to your Account and add credit using one of the methods described under Adding credit to your print/copy account.
  3. Return to the WebPrint browser window or tab, and then click the "Next" button.

5. Select document to print

  1. Enter the path and file-name of the document you wish to print, or click on "Browse" to search for the file on your computer.  
    • Valid documents that can be uploaded for printing include Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint compatible files, PDFs and TIFF, PNG, GIF and JPEG image files.

 Screenshot: File selection

6. Upload

  1. Once the file has been selected click "Upload" to transfer the document to the WebPrint server.
    • Your selected file will be converted and uploaded.
    • You can check the uploaded file by clicking on "View".
    • You can also delete the uploaded file. When ready, click "Next".

 Screenshot: Upload

7. Select print options for your uploaded file

  • Choose between colour/black and white (Colour setting)
  • Double or single-sided printing (Duplex setting)
  • A4 or A3 paper (Paper Size setting)
  • Number of copies
  • and Collation – yes or no.
  • When done, click "Next"

PPP - Print from PC - Screen7 - Print Options


8. Check and Print

  1. Check your settings and if correct click "Print" to continue.
    • If you are not happy with any settings you can Click "Start Over".
    • The uploaded file you have sent will remain on the server for 3 hours, after which time it will automatically be deleted.
    • Remember that you have not yet debited your printing /copying account for this transaction – your account will only be debited when you swipe your Card and select that file at a PrePaidPrint printer at UOW.

 Screenshot: Confirm & Print

9. Finalize Screen

  • A "Finalize" screen will appear, confirming that your printing job has been released.

10. Collect printing

  1. Go to any of the printers at UOW locations shown on the How and Where to Print & Copy webpage.
  2. Swipe your UOW Student ID card or Casual CopyCard at the device, enter your PIN, and then select the uploaded file from the list which appears.
    • You can check your settings again at the printer before proceeding. If you decide not to print the uploaded file you can delete it at this point; however if you do nothing the job will simply be removed from the server after 3 hours.
Last reviewed: 29 February, 2016