UOW Network: Wireless/WiFi & Wired

UNIX Services at UOW

Unix timeshare servers are available for general shared community use. A wide range of Unix software and commands are available for use on these servers.

Please note: Access to these Unix servers is via SSH connection only.

All UOW Unix account Holders

Server Name: Wumpus

SSH to: wumpus.its.uow.edu.au

RSA Fingerprint: 66:a6:26:15:3d:5c:ae:a8:88:ab:93:40:d7:79:41:bd
RSA Bubblebabble: xohep-kukym-guser-pebud-dyfup-vidup-tetus-covep-lesan-sudut-fixix
DSA Fingerprint: 03:0c:0a:03:83:71:0d:90:48:05:3b:c3:ec:bf:a1:d9
DSA Bubblebabble: xizip-ladot-fovel-sufed-ragad-lubod-sulyt-dareg-gebyp-nonug-bexox

Computer Science staff and students

Server Name: Banshee

SSH to: banshee.cs.uow.edu.au

RSA Fingerprint: 3f:44:57:2e:da:6b:27:df:3f:2d:5b:e0:01:59:47:88
RSA Bubblebabble: xegof-bitig-hugyk-regeb-nodyz-vinec-nysyt-cumac-bygyl-zyrez-gixex
DSA Fingerprint: 33:70:4a:c4:d0:82:da:5c:65:ba:e5:ee:b6:8c:be:49
DSA Bubblebabble: xobas-hezah-zecip-feruh-fitif-hized-nedef-fugov-hodir-ripah-naxax

Last reviewed: 29 June, 2015

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