Videoconference Guidelines

The following guidelines should assist participants in preparation for a successful videoconference.

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled starting time of videoconference, allowing staff to familiarise you with all the equipment.
  • Please keep within the scheduled time frame for your videoconference. There may be another conference scheduled directly after yours.
  • One person should be nominated as chairperson of the meeting to be responsible for control of meeting.
  • Send agenda to all participants prior to videoconference.
  • Avoid talking over the top of each other, as there is a slight pause between one site speaking and the other hearing the message.
  • Documents that you wish to show on camera should be prepared in a suitable and clear font, somewhere around 18 point.
  • Wear suitable clothing: small checks and thin pinstripes may cause strobing which makes it difficult for viewers at the other site.
Last reviewed: 2 March, 2016