Borrow Audio/Visual Equipment

Teaching and Learning Equipment Lending Policy

Audiovisual Services (AVS) within IMTS has, as part of its responsibilities, the provision of audiovisual equipment, including computer and computer-related equipment, for purposes directly related to University business.

Provision of equipment is made on a short term loans basis free of charge to University staff and students except in cases outlined in the policy. A current University identification card is required.

Teaching and Learning Equipment Lending Policy

Original policy 1997
Major revision September 2010



Within the existing financial and staffing constraints, it is LIFT's policy to provide staff and students with access to the best range of teaching and learning audiovisual equipment, together with technical support for the maintenance of that equipment.

Short term loans

It is also policy to spread the use of equipment as equitably as possible and hence short term loans are highly favoured over longer term loans. If a need exists for equipment over extended periods application should be made for Faculty funding of such equipment.

To current staff/students

Loans can only be made to current members of staff or currently enrolled students on the presentation of a valid University identification card.

Supply own consumables

Consumable items such as video tapes, batteries etc are the responsibility of the borrower.
  Loans are classified as being for use:

NO COST to staff or students

Category (a) loans - teaching and learning activities
Any member of staff or any student may borrow items of equipment for teaching and learning purposes related to their work or course of studies at the University at no cost, subject to the conditions listed below.

NO COST to staff, Alumni Association and SRC

COST to staff, Alumni Association or SRC if activity charges a fee

Category (b) loans - other educational activities
A member of staff or member of the Alumni Association or SRC may borrow items of equipment for use in University activities such as showcases and industry events.

Where the educational activity charges a fee for participation or attendance then this fee must include a proportional cost to cover the hire of equipment. Published information advertising the event must be submitted when the equipment is booked.

Book through AVS


  1. Bookings at the Wollongong Campus can be made by contacting extension 3993 or in person with staff in the AV Store on the Ground Floor of the Communications Building (Building 20). For bookings at the Shoalhaven Campus contact extension 7870 or in person with the staff of the Shoalhaven store, Room UG06 in the University building. Centre Co-ordinators should be contacted at the other Educational Centres.
  2. Bookings will be serviced on a first-come first-served basis.
  3. Equipment is to be collected from and returned to the AVS store in the Communications Building (20), Wollongong campus or Room UG06 at the Shoalhaven campus.

Note: AVS staff will provide basic operator training at the time equipment is booked.

Provide ID and accept the conditions

  1. Borrowers will be required to provide identification by means of a current University ID card. By taking the equipment the borrower is confirming that the equipment is for University use and that the borrower agrees to be bound by these conditions.
Maximum loan
  1. Loans will be made for the minimum practical time to allow maximum use of the equipment throughout the University community. This means that equipment is to be collected just prior to its use and returned immediately after its use. In general it will be returned within 24 hours of its collection. It is the borrower's responsibility to establish with the AV Store the time the equipment is to be returned.

Replacement cost

  1. Where equipment is not returned through loss or theft, the written down value of the equipment will be charged to the borrower unless the borrower makes other acceptable arrangements with the Head, LIFT to replace the equipment or reimburse the University.

Repair cost

  1. When equipment is returned in a damaged condition the borrower is liable for the cost of repairing or replacing the item. Such charge will normally be applied only when the damage is proven to be malicious or through lack of due care.

Charged to Unit
Results withheld

  1. In the case of a member of staff the invoice for any charges will be made out to the staff member's Unit. In the case of a student the invoice will be sent to their term address and the amount outstanding will be treated as a debt to the University causing their results to be withheld.

Extension of loan

  1. Each booking is for an identified unit so if it becomes necessary to extend a loan you must check the equipment's availability.

No Loan

  1. Loans will not be made for social events
Last reviewed: 6 October, 2016