Collaboration Tools

A collaboration tool is something that helps people collaborate. The term is often used to mean collaborative software, but collaboration tools were being used before computers existed. A piece of paper, for example, can be used as collaboration tool.

Everything that helps to solve a predefined task together in a group more easily is an effective collaborative tool. Collaboration means, in this context, working together to fulfil a shared, collective, bounded goal.

Conference phone calls may be replaced by asynchronous conferencing, video conferences, Instant Messaging now. Peer Reviews of documentation are easier to establish through shared online working spaces than by iterative versions on paper. Whiteboards are partly imitated by online whiteboards that allow telework.

Over time we will make available collaboration tools to help you do things better through the use of technology. 

The current tools available below enable the sharing of large files between collaborators as well as rich video enabled web conferencing experiences with shared virtual workspaces.