Tips for choosing a password

Tips for choosing an appropriate password

This page explains the rules you will need to follow when specifying a password for your UOW account and gives some suggestions for creating a secure password.

  1. A password must contain 8-31 characters.
  2. A password must only contain printable characters.
  3. A password is case sensitive, e.g. "a" is not the same as "A".
  4. A password cannot be re-used.
  5. A password cannot be based on your username (e.g. abc123) or your real name (e.g. jciti01) or any other personal information.
  6. A password must differ from your old password by at least 3 characters.
  7. One good approach to making a good password is to create an acronym; i.e. take a phrase and use the initial letters as the password e.g. "The cat sat on the mat" becomes Tcsotm. To enhance this approach, you can simply substitute letters like O, I, S, and T with the numeric 0, 1, 5, and 7 respectively. This in turn will make sure you generate a secure password. So in the example above our password Tcsotm would become Tcs07m. Make sure you use the minimum required number of characters.
  8. Once you have chosen your password, it is best to commit it to memory, otherwise write it down and put it in a secure place. Never tell it to anyone.
  9. Make sure you have set up your UOW user account security profile. This allows you to recover your password if you forget it.

Need help?

  • Students should contact the IT Service Centre on +61 2 4239 2000
    or email
  • Staff should contact the IT Helpdesk on +61 2 4221 3000 (extension 3000)
    or email
  • Staff & Students of international campuses should contact their local IT support
Last reviewed: 27 June, 2018

Need Help?

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International Campuses

  • Staff & Students should contact their local IT support