File Transfer (Sharefile)

ShareFile - Large File Transfer


ShareFile is a utility for sharing large files via email. It is especially useful where a file server is not available and/or the file is too large to send via email.  It allows a staff member, student or an external collaborator to upload a file up to 512MB in size and share it with another staff member or student.  The file is stored for up to 5 days on a UOW server and can be downloaded any number of times.

Available to

ShareFile is available to staff, students and guests of the University. It is also available for an external user to send a file to a UOW account or for a UOW account holder to send to an external email address.

Features The ability to share large files - up to 512 MB in size.
Requirements Either the sender or recipient must have an active UOW User Account.
Getting Started Instructions on ShareFile site.
  • Please note: files will only be available on the system for a maximum of five days.
  • All users are responsible for ensuring that any files loaded on ShareFile do not breach the relevant Intellectual Property, IT Acceptable Use or Copyright policies.
  • When dealing with very large documents, you may wish to consider compressing the folder the documents are stored in and send the compressed version.
Last reviewed: 19 February, 2015