Prepaid Print & Copy

Prepaid Print & Copy Services

Overview The UOW Prepaid Printing & Copying service enables students and casual users to print and copy regardless of location within the University. Using either enrolled students' UOW ID card or a purchased Casual Copy Card, users are able to add credit to personal Print/Copy accounts via a secure website protected by PIN.
Available to Students and print/copy casual card holders.
Features The “Prepaid Print” Print model delivers a consistent print and copy experience at a reasonable cost to all UOW students regardless of campus or location on campus. UOW student cards are pre-configured to link to a Print/Copy account which is secured by a pin number. 
Requirements Printing on the “Prepaid Print” service requires an encoded student card or casual card linked to a print/copy account with credited funds.
Getting Started Access to the prepaid printing is via a UOW student card or a casual card for non UOW students. Once the card is linked to a Print/Copy Account dollar credits can be applied by PayPal or via cashiers (for the Library) , EFTPOS and Paypal and have access to a fleet of photocopiers and printers at a consistent and reasonable cost.
Notes Casual Copy Cards are available at the Library, Wollongong Campus.
Last reviewed: 9 June, 2017