Password Management

Password Management


In order to protect the University's information and transactions, your UOW username and password are used to confirm your identity when accessing the University's online facilities.

Self-service password management tools are provided to manage your UOW account password anytime, anywhere, without needing to contact anyone. The tools provide secure online password recovery options and are simple and easy to use.

The University's password policy requires you to change your password after a defined period:

  • Student accounts: 190 days
  • Staff accounts: 90 days
We will never ask you to forward your username and password via email, if you receive an email requesting such information it should be considered fake, do not respond to such requests.
Available to

Password management is available to staff, students and guests who hold an active UOW User Account

  • Email reminders when your password is about to expire
  • Self managed online ability to change passwords and tips for choosing an appropriate password
Requirements An active UOW User Account
Getting Started

All UOW account holders are required to setup their UOW account security profile

  • Usually it will take around 20 minutes for password changes to become active.
  • Staff who use an IMTS Managed Desktop Computer should restart their computer after making any password changes.
  • Passwords are self managed in line with University requirements for password management.
Last reviewed: 10 July, 2017