Email Services

Email for Students: UOWmail


All students of the University are provided with access to the UOWmail email service. With a UOWmail account, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive email service including core email, calendar functions, auto-reply features, email support for popular desktop clients and mobile devices, and more.

This is a lifetime account that stays active beyond graduation from the University of Wollongong.

Available to  All students of the University
  • UOWmail provides students with access to UOW supported core email and calendar functions such as lifetime access, connection anywhere, along with a range of Microsoft supported optional tools to deliver a quality email service.
Requirements  An active UOW User Account.
Getting Started
  • For information of students on how to access and use their UOWmail account and set up preferences, please visit the UOWmail site.
  • Your UOWmail account is your University email account. This is different to your SOLS account.
Last reviewed: 31 May, 2017