A mirror site is an exact copy of another internet site.  The AARNet mirror provides a large coverage of OpenSource, and academically related archives to AARNet members, including UNIX sources and applications, Linux, Windows and OS X software and internet documents such as RFCs and FAQs. The aim is to provide cost savings on international traffic and improved performance to frequently accessed archives to AARNet's members.   Importantly AARNet mirror site is classified as On-net traffic.  Using it can help students to manage their internet quota.

Available to

University account holders

Features Access sites as On-net rather than off-net – helping students to manage their internet quota
Requirements An active UOW User Account
Getting Started

AARNet mirror site - http://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/

Notes What is AARNet?  Australia's Academic and Research Network is the University of Wollongong's internet provider. It provides a high-capacity, internet service to education and research communities and their research partners. 
Last reviewed: 13 July, 2016