Year 12 HSC Summer Master Class

Subjects on offer in 2018

There are eight subjects available at the UOW Wollongong Campus, and three subjects available at the UOW South-Western Sydney (Liverpool) Campus in 2018.

Subject Name & Code Description CriteriaCampus Offered

BUS002: Responsible Business Decision-Making 

This subject gives students the tools to understand the fundamental interrelationships that exist in responsible business decision-making. It explores responsible decision-making with reference to the impact on company strategy, disciplinary functions, stakeholders and customers. Students' are challenged to consider the greater impact on the environment and society. The HSC business studies syllabus will be referred to and extended.

• C or above in Advanced English OR an A or above in Standard English; AND
• B or above in Business Studies OR Legal Studies OR Economics.


South-Western Sydney            

EIS001: Developing Systems to Solve Business Problems

This subject provides students with an understanding of how to design and develop systems that solve business problems. It introduces the fundamental computer science concepts that are used to facilitate business operations and explores how businesses design and use emerging technologies to create value. The subject employs a design thinking approach to develop prototypes and algorithms for use in an agile software development practice and allows students to collaborate with fellow students on a real-life challenge.

• C or above in Advanced English OR a B or above in Standard English; AND
• C or above in Mathematics OR Extension Mathematics OR A or above in General Mathematics.


South-Western Sydney

HAS001: Australia's Health: Determinants, priorities and health promotion in action

This subject offers students the opportunity to examine health priorities and populations at risk. With input from experienced practitioners, students will workshop case studies and local examples of health promotion in action.This subject should appeal to Year 12 PDHPE students or to students considering tertiary studies in health or social sciences.

• C or above in Advanced English OR a B or above in Standard English; AND
• B or above in PD/H/PE


LHA001: Discovery and Rediscovery in the 21st Century

This subject uses a variety of texts, media platforms and guest speakers to introduce students to a range of recent and developing discoveries and rediscoveries in local and global social issues. Some of the topics include: Remembering Kembla’s Chimneystack, Unearthing Inhumanity with Oxfam, Local Writing and Research Abroad, Rediscovering Anarchy with “Game of Thrones”, and Un-Concealing “Frozen” Selves: Disney’s Narrative Warming. Through a series of case studies you will explore the English HSC theme of Discovery.

• C or above in Extension English; OR
• C or above in Advanced English; OR
• A or above in Standard English.


South-Western Sydney

LHA002: Controversies in Contested Histories

This subject will draw upon examples from Ancient, Modern and Indigenous History, and explores case studies in global conflict, as well as the issue of how historians separate fact from fiction. There will be a wide range of case studies from different eras and parts of the world including Alexander the Great, the Tudors, the World Wars, Cold War, JFK and the Russian Revolution. What are the controversies that surround these events and can we ever know the truth? This subject will help you answer those questions.

• C or above in Extension English; OR C or above in Advanced English; OR A or above in Standard English; AND
• B or above in Aboriginal Studies; OR B or above in Ancient History; OR B or above in Modern History OR C or above in Extension History.


South-Western Sydney

LHA003: Introduction to Visual Arts

LHA003 is designed to develop the student’s creative practice and give them the skills to develop their HSC major work. The subject content includes both lectures and dynamic studio workshops taught by professional practicing artists and designed to underpin and support the development of two minor projects. Through material experimentation and individual mentoring sessions with lecturers,the completed work will be exhibited in the TAEM gallery at the end of the program and will give students exhibition experience.

• C or above Advanced English OR B or above in Standard English; AND
• B or above in Visual Arts.


SMAH001: An Introduction to University Science

A career in Science, Medicine or Health requires passionate people who are problem solvers. SMAH001 offers you an opportunity to develop scientific research skills, to use modern laboratory equipment and to learn to use modern research tools under the guidance of UOW staff. In this subject, you’ll undertake study in the strands of Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Sciences and Physiology.

• B or above in a Year 12 Science Subject; AND
• C or above in (2 unit) Mathematics or Mathematics Extension.


STEM001: Sustainable Futures through Maths, Physics and Engineering

Create an environmentally and socially sustainable future with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In STEM001, you will explore the big challenges facing future development and engineer your own micro hydropower system. Utilise a 3D computer aided design package and 3D printing technologies to design and test your theories, while combining maths, physics and engineering to find the most effective solution.

• C or above in Advanced English OR A in Standard English; AND
• B or above in Engineering Studies, OR B or above in Mathematics, OR B or above in Physics



Last reviewed: 12 September, 2017