Year 11 HSC Bootcamps

IN2UNI Year 11 Bootcamp

Year 11 HSC Bootcamps 

HSC Bootcamp is a program offered to students beginning Year 11 at UOW’s In2Uni schools. 

The program is designed to give students a heads up for the HSC and help to prepare them for their senior studies. 

The program is delivered by current university students who have recently completed and been successful in their HSC, and who have previously attended a local high school. The program focuses on tips for approaching the HSC, soft study skills and what to expect over the next 18 months.

Program Details

When: The three-hour workshop is run at a day and time selected by the school in Term 1 of the 2017 school year. 

Where: In2Uni staff come out to your school to run the program. We usually require a classroom with a projector in order to run the program. 

How much: This program is offered at no cost for In2Uni schools. 

How many students: We would love to speak to all of your Year 11 students We usually send two-three staff for every 30 students enrolled in Year 11 at your school. Here are some examples of how we have structured the sessions in the past:

  • Six In2Uni staff, working with 90 students simultaneously – broken up into groups of 30 students in three separate classrooms, or;
  • Two In2Uni staff, working with 30 students in the morning session of the school day and then working with a different 30 students in the afternoon of a school day, or;
  • Two In2Uni staff working with different groups of 30 students over consecutive weeks.

Information for parents

The expectations of the senior years of high school are different to what your child has experienced so far. These new expectations require a new set of skills to be developed to ensure your child can perform to their best during their Preliminary and HSC courses. 

In2Uni HSC Bootcamps are designed to introduce your child to these ‘soft skills’ and explain how they can benefit from these throughout their senior studies and beyond. 

As a number of schools already offer transition programs to their incoming senior students, the HSC Bootcamp program has been designed to allow flexibility for schools to draw on the areas they feel will be of most benefit to their particular group of students. 

Registering your school

Schools must register for this program. Please see the In2Uni High School Registration page.

How can I find out more?

For further information, please contact In2Uni on (02) 4221 5557 or

Last reviewed: 7 February, 2017