STEM+X Program

STEM+X Program

Studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) doesn't mean you're destined for a career as a scientist or mathematician- STEM students find jobs across all industries, thanks to a little equation we call STEM + X.

The STEM+X program aims to empower students to develop their passions through combining interest, culture, creativity and purpose with the world of STEM!

We are developing a range of programs and resources aimed at parents, teachers and students to help engage primary and high school students in the latest STEM activities whilst developing their individual passions.

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High School Students

STEM+X Bootcamp

Become a STEM Ambassador and develop your passions over a two day Bootcamp held on campus at UOW in November each year. Learn how to communicate effectively, control a robot and enter virtual reality.

Students from In2Uni high schools are eligible to participate, please talk to your Head Science Teacher to get involved or email

Check back regularly for more opportunities!


The STARportal is Australia’s first centralised national portal for exciting and engaging STEM activities from around the country. This searchable database connects parents, students and teachers with their local and online STEM activities in real time.


Two professional development opportunities are available in 2018, please see below for details:

1. Introducing Coding to the Classroom
Date: 28th November, 2018
Time: 10am-12:30pm
Location: UOW, Wollongong Campus
Presenter: Associate Professor Wendy Nielsen
Coding and programming are new additions to the K-6 Science & Technology Key Learning Area in New South Wales in 2018. This workshop provides opportunity for teachers who have not yet begun their personal explorations of the new curriculum material to participate in a guided series of activities designed to help them gain familiarity and confidence with the new outcomes. The workshop is based on activities developed for the science teacher education program at UOW. Completing STEM+X: Introducing Coding to the Classroom will contribute 2 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 2.1.2 and 2.6.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Accreditation in NSW.

This workshop will introduce primary school teachers to the Sphero SRPK classroom robot- a robotic ball which can be used to teach the basics of coding and programming. Sphero is controlled through a mobile app, and is extremely easy to use- even teachers with limited experience of coding or programming will quickly learn in this workshop. Starting from ‘draw’ and ‘drive’ commands (and advancing to block coding), teachers will complete a range of activities with the Sphero and iPad to develop and apply their coding skills. Creativity and collaboration are part of coding with Sphero and the Sphero Edu app and these can be incorporated into the classroom as STEM+X activities. The session wraps up with a discussion of additional resources and how coding robotics fits into the NSW Curriculum.

2. Planning & Implementing a Student ‘Makerspace’
Date: 28th November, 2018
Time: 10am-12:30pm
Location: UOW, Wollongong Campus, Makerspace (located on the Library ground floor)
Presenter: Nathan Riggir, UOW Makerspace Coordinator
Completing STEM+X: Planning and implementing a Student Makerspace will contribute 2 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 3.4.2 and 7.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

This workshop will provide an overview on the planning and implementation of the newly established UOW Makerspace. The UOW Makerspace offers students a technology-rich, creative environment to innovate, invent and share their knowledge outside of formal study channels in a discipline agnostic setting. The workshop will also provide detailed advice and recommendations on the planning and implementation of student focused Makerspaces with considerations on safety, administration, staffing, equipment and building a community of makers. A detailed tour and walkthrough of the space will be conducted with the opportunity to try some of the technology and equipment.
The workshop will provide valuable advice to teachers interested in the maker movement and schools looking to develop their own Makerspace. As students become increasingly more accustomed to technology, educators have to be aware and develop their own knowledge around spaces, technology and equipment that promote self-directed learning in a supportive and inclusive environment.

UOW Staff

The relationships between staff at UOW and schools, teachers and their parents is the foundation for rich and effective engagement programs. To help enable this the STEM+X team is working on a framework to help guide engagement activities. For more information please contact Tom at

Last reviewed: 12 October, 2018