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Rural In2Uni

Rural In2Uni Program

The Rural In2Uni program aims to change the onus of university outreach in target areas. It aims to empower schools to form collaborative partnerships with tertiary providers that support aspirations, awareness and attainment of their students from underrepresented backgrounds in higher education from rural and remote communities.

The Rural In2Uni program was designed and implemented as part of a federally funded 2016 National Priority Pool regional and remote outreach pilot program with four schools located across NSW and Victoria. The program aims to address the social and educational disadvantages experienced by schools located in regional and remote areas, a result of low socio-economic status (low SES) coupled with a lack of proximity that restricts students from being strongly supported by university outreach programs. To address this gap, the Rural In2Uni program has developed the resources to allow schools outreach programs to be delivered locally and at minimal costs to the school.

The Rural In2Uni Program fosters engagement with students from Year 6 to Year 12 that are enrolled in primary and high schools in rural and remote communities that have a high representation of low socioeconomic students enrolled. 


The objectives of Rural In2Uni are to:

  1. Develop a university outreach model for low SES students attending regional and remote schools, tailored to meeting the needs of the targeted schools;
  2. Engage individuals from underrepresented backgrounds and provide tangible bridges to access higher education;
  3. Connect positively with individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to support their aspirations and capacity towards higher education; and
  4. Be driven by schools, who work collaboratively with partner universities to support school alumni in delivering university outreach modules designed to cater to the needs of the different school contexts. 


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Last reviewed: 19 December, 2017