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Graduate Certificate in Biofabrication

Testamur Title of Degree:

 Graduate Certificate in Biofabrication



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Total Credit Points:



 12 months part-time only 

Home Faculty:

 Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

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 UOW Online


The Graduate Certificate in Biofabrication is a unique offering for students interested in new additive biofabrication methods for medical applications. If you want to take a lead role in next generation industries, like 3D printing body parts and regenerative medicine then this degree will be of interest to you.

The program includes advanced coursework in methods of biofabrication and their application to health and medicine. Fundamental topics and methodologies that will be covered include: printable materials and their properties; biopolymers and bio-inks; 3D printing techniques and instrumentation such as rapid prototypers, reactive printers, extrusion printers, metal printers, bioplotters and live cell printing; Students will gain experience in software design and CT image extraction in work-flow processes in biofabrication. Independently-driven activities will enable students to freely design and create 3D structures and objects and critically evaluate their potential for innovative technology, commercial and business opportunities.

Course Learning Outcomes 

Course Learning Outcomes are statements of learning achievement that are expressed in terms of what the learner is expected to know, understand and be able to do upon completion of a course. Students graduating from this course will be able to demonstrate:

CLO Description
1 Demonstrate and translate advanced knowledge of the development and use of biofabrication and additive manufacturing.
2 Apply advanced research, methods and technologies to solve problems derived from the science of biofabrication and additive manufacturing.
3 Communicate concepts in biofabrication and additive manufacturing effectively to diverse audiences using appropriate methods, technologies and research-based initiatives.
4 Identify, interpret and analyse stakeholder requirements within the context of biofabrication and additive manufacturing.
5 Apply appropriate ethical, public and personal behaviours within a range of contexts in learning and professional practice.
6 Demonstrate the ability to reflect on and ethically direct own learning and practices within the context of biofabrication and additive manufacturing.

Course Structure

To qualify for award of the degree, the Graduate Certificate in Biofabrication, a candidate must successfully complete at least 24 credit points, comprised of:

Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points
AIIM900 Introduction to Additive Biofabrication 12
AIIM901 Practical Learning and Training in Additive Biofabrication 12

Other Information

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