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Visual Arts and Design Major | 2017

This information is for students commencing their course in 2017. Students follow the rules and requirements for the year they commenced their course. Please refer to the Archives link in the menu for years prior to 2017.
UAC Code: 754607

A major study in Visual Arts and Design is suitable for students who wish to combine study in the fields of Visual Arts and Design. The Visual Arts component is based on studio practice and related theory and history studies. The studio processes cover textiles, painting and sculpture - with support studies in drawing, printmaking, photography, video, installation, digital image making and curatorial practices.

In the Design component students are introduced to a range of graphic design techniques and practices across a number of conceptual, social and industry contexts including visual communication design, innovations in design practice and sustainability & ethics. Student work is shown throughout the year in gallery spaces in the Faculty.

The structure of the course is based on a common foundation first year, followed by a sequence of parallel Visual Arts and Design studio subjects, leading towards a capstone project-based subject, which can involve work in one or both fields of study. Students may focus on either Visual Arts or Graphic Design theory subjects at 300-level. The course culminates in a final year major project and public exhibition of students’ work within the Graduate Show.


Subject Code Subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
CACS102Critical Frameworks in Creative Practice6Autumn
CACS101Contemporary Creative Practice6Spring
Plus TWO from the following:
CACS301Professional Practice6Spring
CACS331Contemporary Theory and Research Practice6Autumn
CAGD331New Media and Visual Communication Theory6Autumn
CAMS331Music and Culture6Autumn
CAPF331Theory and Practice of Theatre in the 20th and 21st Century6Autumn
CAVA331Contemporary Artworlds6Autumn
CAGD332Advanced Graphic Design and Visual Communication Theory6Spring
CAVA332Globalisation and Contemporary Art6Spring
CAPF333Political Dramaturgy6Spring
CAVA361Curatorial Practices6Spring
Plus the following:
CAVA101Visual Foundation 16Autumn
CAVA102Visual Foundation 26Autumn
CAVA103Visual Foundation 36Spring
CAVA104Visual Foundation 4: Studio Practice6Spring
CAGD201Graphic Design Studio 1 - Typography6Autumn
CAGD231Graphic Design and Visual Communication Theory 16Autumn
CAVA201Visual Arts Studio 16Autumn
CAVA232Contemporary Indigenous Art: Theory and Practice6Autumn
CAGD203Graphic Design Studio 3 - Design Innovation6Spring
CAGD232Graphic Design and Visual Communication Theory 26Spring
CAVA203Visual Arts Studio 36Spring
CAVA231Visual Art, Modernism and the Avant-garde6Spring
CAGD301Graphic Design Studio 4 - Design Practice6Autumn
CAVA301Visual Arts Workshop6Autumn
Plus ONE from the following:
CAGD390Graphic Design Major Project12Spring
CAVA390Visual Arts Major Project12Spring
Plus electives to bring the total number of credit points to 144.

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