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This major covers the study of French language, culture and society, including Francophone cultures outside France.

In our language and culture subjects we use a range of authentic resources and teaching methods to equip students with a high level of proficiency in the written and spoken French language. Student learning outcomes are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

A major in French allows students to study French language, literature, and culture either as beginners or advanced learners. Students who enter the major at post-HSC (or advanced) level, will be exempted from some language subjects.

Major Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the French major students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a broad understanding of the French language and grammar
  2. Communicate in both spoken and written French at B2 Level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  3. Comprehend spoken and written French at B2 level in the CEFR
  4. Critically analyse and evaluate historical events and socio-cultural forces that have shaped modern France, its people and language


Subjects Required for Major Study


A major in French for beginners or near beginners consists of 60 credit points.

Subject Code subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
FREN151 French for Beginners/near Beginners 1A 6 Autumn
FREN152 French for Beginners/near Beginners 1B 6 Spring
FREN220 The making of France and the French Nation 8 Autumn
FREN251 French IIA Language 8 Autumn
FREN252 French IIB Language 8 Spring
FREN351 French IIIA Language 8 Autumn
FREN352 French IIIB Language 8 Spring
Plus ONE subject from the following:
FREN320 France in the Twenty-first century 8 Spring
LANG305 Literature and Society in Renaissance Europe 8 Not offered in 2015
Study Abroad / Exchange Subjects
FREN215 In country Language Study 8 Not offered in 2015
LANG391 Language Study Abroad 1 8 Not offered in 2015
LANG392 Language Study Abroad 2 8 Not offered in 2015
LANG393 Language Study Abroad 3 8 Not offered in 2015
ELL 110 Language in Social Life 6 Spring
LANG371 Advanced Studies in Language/Culture A 8 Autumn, Spring
LANG372 Advanced Studies in Language/Culture B 8 Autumn, Spring

**Students commencing study at 200 level must take both FREN320 and LANG305

Strong 2 Unit HSC pass or equivalent students

Students who have achieved a strong 2 Unit HSC pass or equivalent will normally enter the language sequence at the level of FREN251, and complete a 56 credit points major comprising 24 credit points at 200-level and 32 credit points at 300-level, as set out above. All students entering the French major at the level of FREN251 must obtain formal approval from the Convenor of the French Program.

Subject to the pre-requisites listed in the subject database, language and literature/civilisation subjects may not be taken independently of one another, e.g. French IIB language may not be taken without taking French IIA or its equivalent without the permission of the Convenor of the French Program. However, students wishing to complete a major in French must complete the sequence set out above.

Native or near-native speakers

Native or near-native speakers, whose major also consists of 56 credit points, may be granted waivers for FREN251 and FREN252. Such waivers will be granted only at the time of first enrolment in French, in accordance with the Program's policy and with the formal approval of the Convenor of the French Program and the Language Centre Director. Replacement subjects to make up the 56 credit points for the major are to be chosen from the additional subjects listed above. Credit may be granted for language courses taken at University level in accordance with established University of Wollongong guidelines.

All above students may include ELL110 or ELL210 as part of their Language Major with the permission of the Convenor of the French Program and the Language Centre Director.

Subjects Required for Minor Study

A minor in French consists of four sequential language subjects in French. Students beginning at 100-level will take 28 credit points and students beginning at upper levels will take 32 credit points.

Example: A student beginner could take a minor by studying FREN151, FREN152, FREN251 and FREN252.
A student who had studied French to HSC level and was commencing university French at second year level could take a minor by studying FREN251, FREN252, FREN351 and FREN352.

Subject Codesubject NameCredit PointsSession(s)
FREN151French for Beginners/near Beginners 1A6Autumn
FREN152French for Beginners/near Beginners 1B6Spring
FREN251French IIA Language8Autumn
FREN252French IIB Language8Spring
Students commencing Year 2 with HSC French
FREN251French IIA Language8Autumn
FREN252French IIB Language8Spring
FREN351French IIIA Language8Autumn
FREN352French IIIB Language8Spring

Whilst the minor will not be stipulated on the student's testamur at graduation, it will be recorded on the academic transcript.

Diploma in Languages

Students who wish to undertake a Diploma concurrently with their Bachelors Degree course should refer to the Diploma in Languages for further information.


See Bachelor of Arts (Honours).

Credit Arrangements

Credit and articulation arrangements are available from the Course Finder. Refer to UOW's credit arrangements for information on how to apply for credit.

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Last reviewed: 10 February, 2015