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English Literatures

The English Literatures major introduces you to a broad range of texts—novels, poetry, essays, short stories, film, diaries and letters—from medieval times to the modern. The major in English Literatures teaches you to analyse what you read with sharp critical skills and cultural sensitivity, and to articulate your response with power and precision. A strong international focus underpins our subjects and our ways of teaching them: you will be encouraged to enquire into the politics of the writing and reception of texts, and to understand aesthetics and the value of literature within a range of cultural contexts.

Within the major there are three structured study pathways, which students are encouraged to follow: these are Literature and History, Transnational Comparisons, and Literature and Identity. Alternatively, those students doing English as part of their Education degree, and others not wishing to follow the pathways, can study broadly across genres and literary periods. English may be combined with any other approved Arts major. It is often taken as the Arts major in the Arts/Law double-degree, and it is an ideal second major for Journalism and Professional Writing students in the Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies.

Major Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the English Literatures major students will be able to:

  1. Have knowledge of distinct varieties of literary texts in their contexts from a range of periods and places
  2. Have knowledge of changing theories, methods and concepts in literary studies
  3. Read, understand and interpret complex literary texts
  4. Locate, assess and use appropriate critical resources


Subjects Required for Major Study

A major study in English Literatures is made up of at least 54 credit points: 6 at 100-level, 24 at 200-level, and 24 at 300-level. Students may substitute for an ENGL subject of equivalent level LANG305.

Subject Code subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
ONE subject from the following:
ENGL120 An Introduction to Literature and Film 6 Autumn
ENGL131 Film and Fiction 6 Spring
Plus THREE subjects from the following:
ENGL229 The Romantics 8 Autumn
ENGL259 An Introduction to Canadian Literature 8 Not offered in 2015
ENGL265 English and Empire 8 Spring
ENGL266 Victorians 8 Spring
ENGL267 US Literature 8 Autumn
ENGL268 Dreams and Visions in Literature and Film 8 Autumn
ENGL269 The African Diaspora 8 Autumn
ENGL270 Making Books: From Gutenberg to Google 8 Spring
ENGL280 Popular LIterature: Writing for Children & Young Adults 8 Not offered in 2015
Plus THREE subjects from the following:
ENGL312 Shakespeare & Early Modern Drama 8 Spring
ENGL337 Sex, Power, and Chivalry - Medieval to Modern Literature 8 Not offered in 2015
ENGL338 The Modernists 8 Autumn
ENGL340 Special Topic in English Literature 8 Autumn, Spring
ENGL360 Desiring Bodies: Gender & Sexuality in Literature & Film 8 Spring
ENGL377 Social Justice and Children's Literature 8 Spring
ENGL380 Postmodern American Fictions & Theory: Transatlantic Approach 8 Autumn
ENGL339 Transnational Indigenous Literatures 8 Autumn
Students may count the following subject towards the English Literatures major:
LANG305 Literature and Society in Renaissance Europe 8 Not offered in 2015

Subjects Required for Minor Study

A minor in English Literatures will consist of at least 28 credit points from the Course Structure of the English Literatures major. Not more than two subjects may be taken at 100-level.


See Bachelor of Arts (Honours).

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Last reviewed: 10 July, 2015