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Asia Pacific Studies Minor

The Asia Pacific Studies minor provides students with an understanding of the region in terms of socio-cultural studies, history, politics, economics and languages, with particular attention to Southeast Asia, India, Korea and Japan.

The recent changes that have taken place in Australia's region, demonstrate how forces of globalisation are increasingly integrating all parts of the world, and shaping Australia's future as one in which it is essential to connect to wider cultural, social, political and economic trends. This major offers unique insights into the nature of globalisation in the Asia Pacific, and will equip graduates to understand and evaluate these changes through roles in government, trade, law, social policy, development studies and culture. 

Subjects Required for Minor Study

A minor in Asia Pacific Studies will consist of at least 28 credit points of subjects from the course structure listed below.

Subject Code subject Name Credit Points Session(s)
INTS121 Global Politics and Power 6 Spring
SOC 326 Globalisation and Social Transformation 8 Spring
Plus at least TWO from:
DIGC330 Digital Asia 8 Spring
HIST202 Slavery in the Asia Pacific 8 Not offered in 2015
HIST252 A History of Modern China 8 Autumn
POL 225 International Relations: Issues, Concepts and Theories 8 Spring

Credit Arrangements

Refer to UOW's credit arrangements for information on how to apply for credit.

Other Information

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Last reviewed: 21 October, 2014