Graduate School of Medicine

Graduate School of Medicine

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Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Medical Science - Research

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Criminal Record Checks

NSW Health requires all students undertaking clinical placement as part of a health related course to undergo a criminal record check. The criminal record check shall be completed before a student can attend any clinical placement in a health facility. Students will be provided advice at enrolment and orientation on the process to be followed to obtain a suitable criminal record check. If a student receives a positive result from the check it will not necessarily exclude them from a clinical placement. Each situation will be individually assessed in a confidential consultation between the student and a representative of NSW Health.

Child protection legislation enacted in July 2000 requires each student to complete and sign a Prohibited Employment Declaration. The relevant form will be provided to you and retained by the University.

Infectious Diseases

NSW Health also requires students undertaking clinical placement in health facilities to be compliant with certain vaccinations to ensure the safety of both students and patients. This information will also be provided at enrolment and orientation.

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