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Bachelor of Science (Land & Heritage Management)

This specialist program combines Physical and Human Geography with other relevant subjects to provide the skills and knowledge required for employment or research on both cultural and natural heritage issues.

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge
New South Wales HSC University Admission Index (UAI) of 80 (or equivalent). The UAI is reviewed each year.

Assumed knowledge: Four units of science or four units comprising science and mathematics. Students without at least Mathematics Band 4 may take a special Maths subject in the first year or consider early entry to complete this subject in Summer Session prior to commencement of the course.

Course Requirements
This is a prescribed program of study comprising core and optional subjects as set out below.

Course Program

Subjects   Credit Points
EESC102 Earth Environments and Resources 6
EESC103 Landscape Change and Climatology 6
EESC104 The Human Environment: Problems and Change 6
MATH151 General Mathematics 1A (required if entering the program without at least 72/100 in HSC 2U Mathematics or equivalent) 6
Recommended as elective subjects
EESC101 Planet Earth 6
BIOL103 Molecules, Cells and Organisms 6
BIOL104 Evolution, Biodiversity and Environment 6
Plus other electives to total 48 credit points. Students are also encouraged to select from the General Schedule offerings in History, Aboriginal Studies, STS and Legal Studies.
EESC204 Introductory Spatial Science 6
EESC210 Social Spaces: Rural and Urban 6
EESC203 Biogeography & Environmental Change 6
EESC208 Environmental Impact of Societies 6
Plus at least two subjects chosen from the following list:
EESC202 Soils, Landscape and Hydrology 6
EESC206 Discovering Downunder: a Geography of Australia 6
EESC205 Population Studies 6
BIOL251 Principles of Ecology and Evolution 6
Plus elective subjects to a total of 12 credit points.
EESC307 Spaces, Places and Identities 8
EESC304 Geographic Information Systems 8
EESC308 Environmental and Heritage Management 8
Plus three subjects chosen from the following list:
EESC302 Coastal Environments: Process & Management 8
EESC303 Fluvial Geomorphology and Sedimentology 8
EESC305 Remote Sensing of the Environment 8
EESC310 Water Resources & Management 8
EESC300 Directed Studies in Earth and Environmental Sciences 8
Or other subjects approved by the Coordinator

Students with a good academic record, particularly in third year are encouraged to proceed to the Honours year in the discipline of their major. The Honours year is a fourth year of study that provides a training in independent research.

Other Information
For further information contact the Faculty of Science Office, 41.258, or telephone 42213481, web site: www.uow.edu.au/science

The Course Coordinator is Associate Professor Lesley Head, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Room 41.G31.


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