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Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

Chemistry is the study of the molecular nature of all matter and its interactions. The relationship between its structure and a molecule's properties and reactivity give chemistry an essential, central position in science and technology. An understanding of chemistry is needed for the full gamut of technology-based disciplines from solid-state physics and astro-physics to molecular biology and the life sciences; from geochemistry and environmental science to engineering and health sciences. Completion of this major qualifies graduates for membership of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

Major Study

A major in chemistry consists of two core 100 level subjects, and four core 200 level subjects, and an approved combination of 300 level subjects offered by the Department of Chemistry, with a value of at least 24 credit points.

Students may use their elective credit points to complete a second major in another discipline.

Subjects Credit Points
CHEM101 Chemistry 1A 6
CHEM102 Chemistry 1B 6
Total for major at 100-level: 12
CHEM211 Inorganic Chemistry II 6
CHEM212 Organic Chemistry II 6
CHEM213 Molecular Structure, Reactivity and Change 6
CHEM214 Analytical and Environmental Chemistry II 6
Total for major at 200-level: 24
At least three subjects taken from the following list:
CHEM301 Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology 8
CHEM314 Instrumental Analysis 8
CHEM320 Bioinformatics: From Genome to Structure 8
CHEM321 Organic Synthesis and Reactivity 8
CHEM327 Environmental Chemistry 8
CHEM340 Chemistry Laboratory Project 8
CHEM364 Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy 8
Total for major at 300-level: 24
Plus additional subjects chosen from the Science Schedule: 30
Plus elective subjects chosen from the Science Schedule or the General Schedule:* 54
Degree Total: 144
400-level (Honours Program)
CHEM401 Chemistry Honours 48
CHEM402 Chemistry Honours Part 1 for Part Time Students 24
CHEM403 Chemistry Honours Part 2 for Part Time Students 24
CHEM405 Chemistry Joint Honours 24

*The degree structure must include a minimum of 32 credit points at 300-level.

Other Information

The Department offers a third year research subject CHEM340 to students with a good academic record (usually a credit average or better) who wish to gain experience in research. Entry into this subject is by permission of the Head of Department.


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