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Bachelor of Medical Science


The Bachelor of Medical Science degree provides an excellent first degree for students wishing to enrol in post-graduate studies in medicine, teaching or research. Students receive a thorough grounding in areas such as anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, biochemistry, chemistry and biology.

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge

Domestic School Leavers are assumed to have completed any two units of English, plus four units of Science and/or Maths. International students are required to have achieved an IELTS score of 6, with a level of 6 in reading and writing, and 5 in speaking and listening.

Course Requirements

The Bachelor of Medical Science degree requires 3 years of full-time study and satisfactory completion of 144 credit points including at least 24 credit points at 300-level.

Course Program

Subjects   Credit Points
Year 1
BMS101 Systemic Anatomy 6
BMS103 Human Growth Nutrition and Exercise 6
CHEM101 Chemistry 1A: Physical and General Chemistry (or CHEM104) 6
PSYC101 Introduction to Behavioural Science 6
BMS112 Human Physiology 1: Principles and Systems 6
BIOL103 Molecules, Cells and Organisms 6
CHEM102 Chemistry 1B: Organic and Physical Chemistry (or CHEM105) 6
STAT151 Introduction to the Concept and Practice of Statistics 6
Year 2    
BMS202 Human Physiology II: Control Mechanisms 6
BIOL213 Principles of Biochemistry 6
BMS200 Histology 6
BMS204 Introduction to Pathophysiology 6
BIOL214 The Biochemistry of Energy and Metabolism 6
plus a further subject from the following:
BMS211 Foundations of Biomechanics 6
CHEM212 Organic Chemistry II 6
STS215 Science, Technology and Progress
Or other approved subject
plus a further two subjects from the following:
BMS242 Exercise Physiology 6
BMS203 Musculoskeletal Functional Anatomy 6
BIOL215 Introductory Genetics 6
or other subjects approved by the Head of Department
Year 3
BMS352 Fundamentals of Neuroscience 8
Plus a further two subjects from:
BMS302 Research Topics 8
BMS311 Nutrients and Metabolism 8
BMS342 Advanced Exercise Physiology 8
BMS344 Cardiorespiratory Physiology 8
BIOL320 Molecular Cell Biology 8
CHEM350 Principals of Pharmacology 8
or other subjects approved by the Head of Department
BMS300 Regional Anatomy 8
Plus a further two subjects from:
BMS302 Research Topics 8
BMS345 Advanced Topics in Pathophysiology 8
BMS346 Motor Control and Dysfunction 8
CHEM320 Bioinformatics: from genome to structure 8
PHIL380 Bioethics 8
or other subjects approved by the Head of Department.


Students wishing to proceed to Honours enrol in the Bachelor of Science (Honours), which is designed to provide students with skills to demonstrate excellence in research with a clear understanding of a research question in relation to current knowledge. The degree program fosters the following abilities and skills: plan, design and perform a research project; collect and analyse data; evaluate data; synthesise results and integrate with relevant ideas and concepts; communicate results of findings; put relevant OHS principles into practice.

Entry into the Bachelor of Science (Hons) requires the student to have attained at least a credit average in subjects undertaken during their undergraduate degree. The Postgraduate Coordinator and prospective supervisor will determine whether a student’s 300-level subjects are appropriate for entry into the Bachelor of Science (Hons). In addition, admission will be dependent upon the availability of an appropriate supervisor, who must be identified by the applicant prior to applying for entry. Students considering enrolment in BSc(Hons) should first contact the Department's Postgraduate Coordinator.


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