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Bachelor of Medical & Radiation Physics Advanced (Honours)

The Bachelor of Medical & Radiation Physics Advanced (Honours) degree is designed to produce graduates (with a strong background in physics) with the specialist skills in Medical Radiation Physics necessary to find employment in hospitals, research or industry.

Students will gain knowledge in areas relating to nuclear medicine, radiation physics, detector and instrumentation physics and data analysis. Graduates working in the area require both a theoretical background and practical skills in physics with an emphasis on advanced knowledge and practice in specialist areas applicable to medical physics.

Professional medical physicists from major hospitals in the State will deliver key lectures and practical work as well as co-supervising thesis work. Students will find that they will move easily into employment and/or postgraduate work in this specialised area.


This four-year degree will be awarded at either Pass or Honours level, depending on the studen's performance throughout the degree.

Course Program

Subjects   Credit Points
Year 1
BMS101 Systemic Anatomy 6
MATH187 Mathematics 1A Part 1 6
PHYS141 Fundamental Physics A 6
BMS112 Human Physiology 1: Principles and Systems 6
PHYS142 Fundamental Physics B 6
MATH188 Mathematics 1A Part 2 6
plus 2 Electives 12
Year 2
MATH201 Multivariate and Vector Calculus 6
MATH253 Linear Algebra 4
PHYS205 Advanced Modern Physics 6
PHYS235 Mechanics and Thermodynamics 6
MATH291 Differential Equations 3
PHYS215 Vibrations, Waves and Optics 6
PHYS225 Electromagnetism and Optoelectronics 6
PHYS255 Radiation Physics 6
plus 1 Elective 6
Year 3
PHYS305 Quantum Mechanics 6
PHYS325 Electromagnetism 6
PHYS365 Detection of Radiation: Neutrons, Electrons and X-Rays 6
PHYS366 Physics of Radiotheraphy 6
PHYS375 Nuclear Physics 6
PHYS385 Statistical Mechanics 6
PHYS396 Electronic Materials 6
plus 1 Elective 6
Year 4 - Annual
PHYS451 Nuclear Medicine 8
PHYS452 Medical Imaging 8
PHYS457 Research Project 24
PHYS453 Radiobiology and Radiation Protection 8

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