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Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) / TAFE Certificate IV in Hospitality (Catering Operations)


The Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) / TAFE Certificate IV in Hospitality (Catering Operations) combined program provides a sound training in nutritional science and its applications to human nutrition, as well as practical food service management skills.

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge

Domestic school leavers are assumed to have completed any two units of English, plus four units of Science and/or Maths. Recommended Studies: English Advanced. International students are required to have achieved an IELTS score of 6, with a level of 6 in reading and writing, and 5 in speaking and listening.

Course Requirements

The Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) / TAFE Certificate IV in Hospitality (Catering Operations) combined program requires students to undertake 4 years of full-time study and the completion of at least 124 credit points from the University of Wollongong, and 764 hours at TAFE


See entry under Bachelor of Science

Professional Recognition

Graduates would be eligible to be members of the Institute of Hospitality and Healthcare.

Course Program

Note: Italic type indicates TAFE component.

Year 1   Credit Points
BMS101 Systemic Anatomy 6
CHEM101 Chemistry 1A: Physical and General Chemistry (or CHEM104) 6
PSCY101 Introduction to Behavioural Science 6
SOC103 Sociology 1: Aspects of Behaviour 6
BMS103 Human Growth, Nutrition and Exercise 6
BMS112 Human Physiology I: Principles and Systems 6
BIOL103 Molecules, Cells and Organisms 6
CHEM102 Chemistry 1B: Organic and Physical Chemistry (or CHEM105) 6
4500H Hygiene 18 hrs
4501M Food Safety Systems 18 hrs
4781C Food Service Systems 36 hrs
Year 2    
BIOL213 Principles of Biochemistry 6
BMS202 Human Physiology II: Control Mechanisms 6
CHEM215 Food Chemistry 6
MGMT102 Business Communications 6
BIOL214 Biochemistry of Energy and Metabolism 6
POP222 Current Issues in Food and Nutrition 6
STAT252 Statistics for the Natural Sciences 6
4500B Food Preparation and Service 36 hrs
4565A Practical Catering I 84 hrs
Year 3    
BMS310 Community and Public Health Nutrition 6
BMS311 Nutrients and Metabolism 6
4565G Food Service in Practice 90 hrs
PHIL380 Bioethics 8
2642B Supervision 36 hrs
4567A Catering Supervision in Practice 90 hrs
2643D Staffing Hospitality 27 hrs
4571A Hospitality Colleagues and Customers 24 hrs
4571B Hospitality Industry 18 hrs
Year 4    
BMS312 Research in Human Nutrition 8
4566A Practical Catering 2A - Community 36 hrs
4565D Cook-Chill Catering 27 hrs
4501D Food Service Settings - Aged Care 18 hrs
4564A Catering Commodities 18 hrs
6639C Quality Management in Nutrition Services 18 hrs
6639A Administration-Health Care Facilities 36 hrs
BMS304 Research Topics in Nutrition and Dietetics 16
5779F Food Presentation 10 hrs
6634B Food Service Planning 36 hrs
6635A Australian Cuisine 54 hrs
4501K Work Experience 34 hr
TOTAL University 134 cp
TAFE 764 hrs

Other Information

Students are advised to consult the course coordinator about subject selection and enrolment in the TAFE component.


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