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Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours)

The Advanced Program, designed specifically for high achieving students, offers direct entry into Honours, unlike the normal BSc which delays selection for Honours until the completion of the third year.

It offers a greater degree of flexibility in program design through: the possibility of exemptions from some first year subjects*; direct entry into some 200-level subjects; the opportunity to undertake individual research subjects at second, third and fourth year level; the opportunity to progress at a faster rate through the use of "fast tracking" mechanisms; the chance to participate in various enrichment activities and to develop a close association with an appropriate member of one of the Department's research teams. In the final year, all students undertake a substantial piece of supervised research in their major discipline together with other required seminar and/or course work.

* Students must apply to be assessed for this exemption at Enrolment. Assessment will be take place on the Thursday or Friday of Orientation Week, prior to the start of session.

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge

New South Wales HSC University Admission Index (UAI) of at least 90 (or equivalent). The UAI is reviewed each year.

Assumed Knowledge: Four units of science or four units comprising science and mathematics. Students who have not completed Chemistry and/or Biology at the HSC are strongly recommended to enrol in bridging courses offered in February each year. Students without at least Mathematics Band 4 may take a special Maths subject in the first year or consider early entry to complete this subject in Summer Session prior to commencement of the course.

BSc students with an exceptionally high level of performance in first year may enter the program on the recommendation of the Coordinator or Head of the Academic Unit or the invitation of the Dean. Transfer will not be considered before completion of the first year of the course and is based on at least a Distinction average (75%) taken over all subjects completed, and the approval of the Dean or Associate Dean.

Course Requirements

Study programs are structured on an individual basis in consultation with the Head of Department or School. Students are required to fulfil all the normal BSc and Honours requirements and may select their major study program from any of those available within the Faculty (refer to the information under Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science (Honours).

Progression Requirements

In order to maintain a place in an Advanced Science degree, students are normally required to achieve at least a Distinction average (75%) in the 200 and 300 level subjects completed. The performance of each student will be reviewed by the Associate Dean after the completion of 72 credit points. Students will be interviewed by the Associate Dean at the end of their first year to assess their progress.


After fulfilling requirements for a Bachelor of Science, students automatically proceed to an Honours year in their chosen discipline.

Major Study Areas

Please refer to the information contained in the entries for Bachelor of Science (742). Students select a major from those available in the Faculty:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Human Geography
  • Physical Geography
  • Geology
  • Geosciences
  • Ecology
  • Environment
  • Land and Heritage Management

Other Information
Please note: Similar Advanced programs are also available to students wishing to undertake one of the specialist degrees: Bachelor of Biotechnology, Bachelor of Environmental Science, Bachelor of Marine Science, Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry and Bachelor of Nanotechnology.

For further information contact the Faculty of Science Office, 41.258, or telephone 42213481, web site: www.uow.edu.au/science/

The Degree Coordinator is the Associate Dean, Associate Professor Ted Bryant, 41.259.


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