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Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Students who have fulfilled the requirements of a Bachelor of Science with a major in a discipline offered by the Faculty, and achieved the required academic standard, may undertake an Honours degree – a year of research training in the discipline.

The honours degree provides students with the first real opportunity to undertake research on a topic of your interest. The honours year is particularly important as it represents a gateway to future research opportunities, both in the form of higher research degrees and as a career in research, or other vocations that require advanced analytical and research skills.

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge
Students may apply to enrol in an Honours degree after the requirements of the pass degree have been fulfilled, normally at the prescribed academic standard. This standard is usually an average of at least credit level for the 300-level subjects in the major study. Admission to Honours is by recommendation of the relevant Head of the Academic Unit and approval by the Dean or Associate Dean of the Faculty, and acceptance by an academic supervisor in the discipline.

By arrangement with the academic units involved, it is possible to undertake Joint Honours, a research thesis spanning two disciplines.

Students proceeding directly from a 3-year degree to Honours do not graduate until after they have completed Honours. However, it is possible to graduate with a Pass Degree and then decide to undertake Honours at a later date, either at this University or at another University. Graduates from other Universities may also apply to undertake Honours at the University of Wollongong.

Course Requirements
To graduate with an Honours degree, candidates undertake a research thesis within their major study discipline, together with any required coursework.

In the Faculty of Science, Bachelor of Science Honours degrees can be taken in the following disciplines:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Human Geography
  • Physical Geography
  • Geology
  • Geosciences

Students enrol in the appropriate 400-level Honours for the particular discipline, as set out below.

Course Program

Subject   Credit Points
Biological Science Honours
BIOL401 Biology Honours 48
BIOL402 Biology Joint Honours 24
Chemistry Honours
CHEM401 Chemistry Honours 48
CHEM402 Chemistry Honours Pt 1 for part-time students 24
CHEM403 Chemistry Honours Pt 2 for part-time students 24
CHEM405 Chemistry Joint Honours 24
Human Geography, Physical Geography, Geology or Geosciences Honours
EESC401 Earth and Environmental Science Honours 48
EESC402 Earth and Environmental Science Joint Honours 24

Other Information
For further information contact the Head of the Academic Unit in the particular discipline, or the Faculty of Science Office, 41.258, or telephone 42213481, web site: www.uow.edu.au/science/


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