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Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications) - Bachelor of Science

Course requirements

To qualify for award of the degrees of Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications Engineering) - Bachelor of Science a candidate must complete satisfactorily and independently each of (a) and (b) as follows:

  1. all subjects prescribed by the Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications Engineering), (replacing MATH283 Mathematics 2E for Engineers Part 1 with MATH201 Multivariate and Vector Calculus and MATH202 Differential Equations 2 and replacing the Telecommunications Options with Informatics Options) and having a value of 198 credit points;
  2. Requirements for the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Science (Physics)

To qualify for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Science only, a candidate must satisfy requirements stipulated in Course Rule 110.

Recommended Full-Time Program

Subjects   Credit Points
Year 1
CSCI191 Engineering Programming 1 6
CSCI192 Engineering Programming 2 6
ECTE171 Introduction to Signals & Systems 6
ECTE172 Introduction to Circuits & Devices 6
MATH187 Mathematics 1A, Part 1 6
MATH188 Mathematics 1A, Part 2 6
PHYS141 Fundamentals of Physics A 6
PHYS142 Fundamentals of Physics B 6
Year 2
CSCI204 Programming: The C Family and Unix 6
CSCI213 Java Programming and the Internet 6
ECTE202 Circuits and Systems 6
ECTE212 Electronics and Communications 6
ECTE222 Power Engineering 1 6
ECTE233 Digital Hardware 1 6
MATH201 Multivariate & Vector Calculus 6
MATH202 Differential Equations 6
Plus Choice of 100/200-level Science Subjects 12
Year 3
ECTE250 Engineering Design and Management 2 6
ECTE333 Digital Hardware 2 6
ECTE344 Control Theory 6
ENGG291 Engineering Fundamentals 6
STAT231 Probability and Random Variables 6
Choice of 200/300-level Science Subjects
Year 4
ECTE301 Digital Signal Processing 1 6
ECTE313 Electronics 6
ECTE350 Engineering Design and Management 3 6
ECTE363 Communication Theory 6
ECTE364 Telecommunication Networks 1 6
Plus Informatics Option 6
Choice of 300-level Science Subjects
Year 5
ECTE457 Thesis 18
ECTE461 Telecommunications Queueing Theory 3
ECTE462 Telecommunications System Modelling 3
Plus 6 Final Year Specialisation Subjects 18
Plus Informatics Option 6
Choice of 300-level Science Subjects


Year 5:
With the approval of the Head of School, students may select:

  1. one six credit point, 200 or 300 or 400-level subject from those listed in the General Schedule and offered by EITHER:
    1. the School of Information Technology and Computer Science (CSCI, IACT or ITCS); or
    2. the School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics (MATH or STAT)
  2. ECTE281 Embedded Internet Systems.

Note that this selection may be constrained by pre- and co-requisites and timetabling.


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