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Bachelor of Engineering (Materials)

The objective of the Materials Engineering course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for the design, development, production and application of engineering materials for gainful use by society. This objective is achieved through detailed study of the relationships between the structure, processing and properties of materials. The course is also designed to provide training in effective communication, management and teamwork skills, and the environmental sensitivity required of modern engineers.

Study Options

In the final year, students can choose a series of elective subjects from a number of specialist areas: Materials Science and Technology, Metallurgical Processing or Materials Manufacturing. Double degrees are also available.

Course program

Subjects Credit Points
Year 1
CHEM103 Chemistry for Engineers 6
ENGG101 Foundations of Engineering 6
ENGG153 Engineering Materials 6
MATH141 Mathematics 1C Part 1 6
MATH187 Mathematics 1A Part 1 6
ENGG152 Engineering Mechanics 6
ENGG154 Engineering Design & Innovation 6
MATH142 Mathematics 1C Part 2 6
MATH188 Mathematics 1A Part 2 6
PHYS143 Physics for Engineers 6
Year 2
MATE201 Structure and Properties of Materials 6
MATE202 Thermodynamics & Phase Equilibria 6
MATE291 Engineering Computing and Laboratory Skills 6
MATH283 Mathematics 2E for Engineers Part I 6
ECTE290 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 6
MATE203 Phase Transformations 6
MATE204 Mechanical Behaviour and Fracture 6
MATE304 Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing 6
Year 3
ENGG251 Mechanics of Solids 6
MATE301 Engineering Alloys 6
MATE302 Polymeric Materials 6
MATE391 Materials Testing Techniques 6
ENGG361 Project & Business Management 6
MATE303 Ceramics, Glass and Refractories 6
MATE305 Primary Materials Processing 6
MATE306 Degradation of Engineering Materials 6
Year 4
ENGG461 Project Management and Human Factors in Engineering 6
MATE401 Selection of Materials in Engineering Design 6
MATE402 Secondary Materials Processing 6
ENGG452 Thesis A 12
and 1 Elective or 6
ENGG453** Thesis B 18
ENGG454 Professional Experience 0
plus 2 Electives 12
Materials Science and Technology
MATE411 Advanced Materials and Processing 6
MATE412 Electronic Materials 6
MATE413 Structural Characterisation Techniques 6
MATE433 Surface Engineering 6
Metallurgical Processing
MINE421 Minerals Beneficiation 6
MATE421 Metallurgical Process Engineering 6
MATE422 Iron and Steelmaking 6
MATE432 Mechanical and Thermal Processing 6
Materials Manufacturing
ENGG434 Introduction to Materials Welding and Joining 6
MATE431 Sheet Metal Processing 6
MATE432 Mechanical and Thermal Processing 6
MATE433 Surface Engineering 6

* Not all electives may be available every year – check subject timetable.

** 18cp thesis is equivalent to the 12cp thesis and one 6cp elective.


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