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Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

The objective of the Materials Engineering course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for the design, development, production and application of engineering materials for gainful use by society. This objective is achieved through detailed study of the relationships between the structure, processing and properties of materials. The course is also designed to provide training in effective communication, management and teamwork skills, and the environmental sensitivity required of modern engineers.

Study Options

In the final year, students can choose a series of elective subjects from a number of specialist areas: Materials Science and Technology, Metallurgical Processing or Materials Manufacturing. Double degrees are also available.

Course Program

Subjects   Credit Points
Year 1
CHEM103 Chemistry for Engineers 6
ENGG101 Engineering Design and Innovation 6
MATH141 Mathematics 1C Part 1 6
MATH187 Mathematics 1A Part 1 6
ENGG152 Engineering Mechanics 6
ENGG153 Engineering Materials 6
ENGG154 Engineering Design & Innovation 6
MATH142 Mathematics 1C Part 2 6
MATH188 Mathematics 1A Part 2 6
PHYS143 Physics for Engineers 6
Year 2
MECH152 Engineering Computing, Instrumentation & Workshop Practice 6
ENGG251 Mechanics of Solids 6
ENGG252 Engineering Fluid Mechanics 6
MATH283 Mathematics 2E for Engineers Part 1 6
ECTE290 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 6
MECH201 Engineering Analysis 6
MECH215 Fundamentals of Machine Component Design 6
MECH226 Machine Dynamics 6
Year 3
MECH321 Dynamics of Engineering Systems 6
MECH341 Thermodynamics 6
MECH372 Solids Handling & Process Engineering 6
MECH382 Manufacturing Engineering Principles 6
ENGG361 Project & Business Management 6
MECH311 Mechanical Engineering Design 6
MECH343 Heat Transfer & Aerodynamics 6
MECH365 Control of Machines & Processes 6
Year 4
ENGG461 Project Management and Human Factors in Engineering 6
ENGG452 Thesis A 12
and 1 Elective, or 6
ENGG453** Thesis B 18
ENGG454 Professional Experience 0
Plus 4 Electives 24
Sustainable Energy and Engineering Systems
MECH378 Sustainable Energy Technologies 6
MECH442 Sustainable Energy in Buildings 6
MECH474 Systems Engineering and Life Cycle Management 6
MECH479 Sustainable Transport and Engine Technologies 6
Applied Mechanics
MECH417 Biomedical Engineering 6
MECH418 Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials 6
MECH419 Finite Element Methods in Engineering 6
MECH420 Engineering Stress Analysis 6
MECH430 Automotive Dynamics 6
MECH431 Computational Fluid Dynamics 6
MECH438 Fluid Power 6
Bulk Materials Handling
MECH426 Storage and Flow of Bulk Solids 6
MECH427 Mechanical Conveying of Bulk Solids 6
MECH428 Pneumatic Conveying and Dust Control 6
MECH429 Physical Processing of Bulk Solids 6
MECH409 Micro/Nano Robotic Systems 6
MECH421 Manufacturing Process Analysis 6
MECH422 Design and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems 6
MECH423 Design for Manufacturing 6
MECH424 Managing Manufacturing Activities 6
MECH468 Computer Control of Machines and Processes 6
MECH481 Materials Welding and Joining (special topics in Mechanical Engineering 1) 6
MECH487 Systems Analysis for Maintenance Management 6
MECH488 Introduction to Condition Monitoring in Mechanical Engineering 6
MECH489 Maintenance Management 6
ECTE494 Robotics 6

* Not all electives may be available every year – check subject timetable. Electives may be taken in other departments, subject to written approval by the Disipline Adviser (maximum of two for full-time and one for part-time students).

** 18cp thesis is equivalent to the 12cp thesis and one 6cp elective.


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