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Bachelor of Engineering - Bachelor of Arts

The Faculties of Arts and Engineering offer double degree courses over five years of full-time or eight years of part-time study, leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering. These courses provide education in a discipline of Engineering, together with a major study in Arts to broaden the knowledge base of the graduate thereby enhancing career prospects. The Engineering courses are accredited by Engineers Australia.

Requirements for admission to the double degree is a UAI, or the equivalent, which is equal to or greater than the rank required for admission to the course for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, or the course for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, whichever is the higher. English and Mathematics pre-requisites for both degrees must be satisfied.

Course Requirements - Bachelor of Arts
To qualify for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Arts, a candidate must satisfactorily complete;

  1. subjects to the value of at least 90 credit points selected from the General Schedule or the Arts Schedule, together with
  2. subjects to the value of at least 54 credit points prescribed by one of the Engineering programs.

Of the above specified 144 credit points required for the Arts degree:

  1. at least 72 credit points, including a major study, shall be from subjects listed in the Arts Schedule;
  2. at least 36 credit points shall be for subjects offered by one or more academic units of the Faculty of Arts; and
  3. no more than 60 credit points shall be for 100-level subjects.

Students intending to enrol in Japanese must contact the Modern Languages Program Office.
Students undertaking the beginner strand in the Japanese language are required to take 36 credit points in Japanese in the first year of full-time study. Enrolment in Japanese is not recommended for part-time students.
A candidate who qualifies for award of the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and who satisfies entry requirements, may subsequently enrol in the course for the honours degree of Bachelor of Arts as set out in the Course Rule 112.

Course Requirements - Bachelor of Engineering
To qualify for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, a candidate must complete a total of 192 credit points. Of the 192 credit points, 174 credit points must be Engineering subjects taken from the following:

Bachelor of Engineering - Core Subjects
plus the subjects leading to one of the Engineering degrees:

A candidate must complete at least 12 weeks of approved professional engineering experience during the course. A part-time candidate in approved full-time engineering employment may be exempted from up to three specified subjects in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Options subjects, thereby enabling the joint course to be completed in a shorter time.

All students must discuss their Engineering program with the relevant Sub Dean.


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