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Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology

The Internet and World Wide Web have revolutionised the way business is conducted and the way information, education and entertainment services are delivered.

In addition, the internet is being upgraded and increasingly being incorporated into public telecommunications systems. With more people using the internet, there is a greater demand for services and information. The next generation of Internet technologies is expected to become a major motivator for on-going business reform over the next five to ten years. The Federal Government has targeted the Internet and the on-line economy as a priority.

This degree provides students with the technical background required to lead the next generation of Internet developments. The degree uses a mix of problem-based learning and more traditional methods used in science and engineering programs. Through collaborative, multidisciplinary project-based learning, students will develop competency in Internet science and technology skills, teamwork and management, giving them a competitive advantage in industry.

Major Study Areas

This degree has four majors to choose from:

  1. Internet Technology
  2. Internet Applications
  3. Internet Commerce
  4. Internet Science

All majors include a substantial amount of programming. Common subjects across the majors ensure that students have an understanding of the basics of hardware and some of the legal and social aspects of the Internet.

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge
Approximate UAI: 75
Assumed Knowledge: Any two units of English plus Mathematics
Recommended Studies: HSC Mathematics Extension 1
For entry requirements for students 21 & over or international students, please refer to the relevant prospectus.

Advanced Standing
Information about Approved Credit Transfer Arrangements with domestic providers is available at: www.uow.edu.au/handbook/generalcourserules/UOW028672.html
Information about Approved Credit Transfer Arrangements with international providers is available at: www.uow.edu.au/prospective/international/credit

Course Requirements

To be eligible for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology, candidates shall accrue an aggregate of at least 144 credit points by satisfactory completion of subjects prescribed in one of the majors listed above, which must include:

  1. no more than 60 credit points at 100-level;
  2. at least 36 credit points at 300/400-level.

Note: Subjects can be undertaken in a different order, however all subjects must be successfully completed to be awarded the degree.

Candidates who achieve a credit average or better in the Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology are eligible to enrol in an additional year's study towards a Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology (Honours) (BIST (Hons)).

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology (Honours), candidates must complete BIST400. The level of honours awarded at the completion of the course is determined in accordance with the University Course Rule 8.4(2).

The program of study for BIST(Hons), (i.e., BIST400 Internet Science & Technology IV Honours) is 48 credit points and will normally include:

  1. an 18 credit point project; and
  2. 30 credit points of coursework. This coursework component will consist of individual subjects, including:
    1. a research methodology subject, as determined by the Course Coordinator and
    2. other subjects, of which 18 credit points must be at 400 level, as approved by the Course Coordinator.

Note: Individual results for the coursework subjects attempted and the project will not be released. Instead, the final result for BIST400 will be calculated by weighting the coursework and project components according to their credit point value.

Professional Recognition
The Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology is accredited by the Australian Computer Society as meeting requirements for membership at a "Professional level".


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