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Bachelor of Engineering

The aim of the Bachelor of Engineering degree is to produce professional engineers, who possess the graduate attributes of the University and Engineers Australia and the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes to further develop in their chosen careers; and who graduate with the proficiency to compete successfully anywhere in the world. The success of the degree in meeting this aim is evidenced by the number of graduates employed by large corporations in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Europe and Asia.

The degree programs offered are enriched by the industry partnerships, which exist between the University and industry. Traditionally, Engineering at Wollongong has had close ties with the Port Kembla Steel Industry and these continue today. Research activities have diversified over the years with the establishment of major research institutes and centres in fields such as Telecommunications & Information Technology and Power Quality & Reliability.

There are three majors within the degree, viz., Computer, Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering. For all three of the majors the program of study is common until the end of the second year, providing students with the opportunity to finally select the major of their choice at the end of that year. Details of each major are presented in the sections below.

In addition, four double degrees are offered. The double degrees provide the opportunity for students to combine their engineering studies with a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Mathematics or Bachelor of Science. Full details of the programs of study for the double degrees are presented in the next section.

Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge
Approximate UAI: 80
Assumed Knowledge: Any two units of English plus Mathematics and two units of science.
Recommended studies: English Advanced, HSC Mathematics Extension 1 and Physics.
For entry requirements for students 21 & over or international students, please refer to the relevant prospectus.

Advanced Standing
Information about Approved Credit Transfer Arrangements with domestic providers is available at: www.uow.edu.au/handbook/generalcourserules/UOW028672.html
Information about Approved Credit Transfer Arrangements with international providers is available at: www.uow.edu.au/prospective/international/credit

Course Requirements

The degree may be completed in a minimum of four years of full-time study, however, subjects are scheduled so that it may also be undertaken on a part-time basis, in which case the duration will depend upon the particular circumstances of the student. Progression is by subject but the various subject pre- and co-requisites must be satisfied.
There is a recommended program for a full-time, four year minimum course and a preferred part-time program for students in approved, full-time professional employment. For holders of TAFE Certificates and Associate Diplomas, programs will be determined on an individual basis but exemptions of up to 48 credit points may apply.

For the recommended full-time program, students are required to complete satisfactorily the first year before beginning the third year and to complete satisfactorily the second year before beginning the fourth year. With the approval of the Head of School, these requirements may be waived.

For the recommended part-time program, students are required to complete satisfactorily the first two stages before beginning the fourth stage and to complete satisfactorily the third stage before beginning the sixth stage. With the approval of the Head of School, these requirements may be waived.

All BE students must sit for and perform satisfactorily in an English Literacy Test organised by the School in association with the Student Learning Development Centre. The test will be held during the first session of a student's enrolment at the University. It is a requirement of the degree that the student perform satisfactorily in at least one such test prior to enrolment in ECTE457 Thesis.

Students who are deemed to require tuition in literacy in order to complete this requirement will be advised accordingly and will be required to repeat the literacy test the following year. Enrolment in and attendance at literacy courses will be the individual responsibility of the students concerned.

Professional Experience
All BE students must accumulate at least 12 weeks of approved professional experience, documented in the form of employment reports and preferably in the period between Years 3 and 4.


The degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) is awarded for meritorious performance over the course and particularly in the final year. The classes of honours awarded are defined in the Course Rules.

Professional Recognition

  • The Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) degree and the Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) degree are accredited by Engineers Australia and the Singapore Professional Engineers Board.
  • The Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications Engineering) degree is accredited by Engineers Australia.

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