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Academic Staff Development Committee

Terms of Reference

The role of the Academic Staff Development Committee is to formulate UOW wide strategic academic professional development initiatives. 

The Committee aims to:

  1. Identify priorities for academic professional development drawing input from: the strategic plan; Faculty plans; UOW Committees; policies; Performance Enhancement and Career Development Records; and, external higher education bodies.
  2. Develop proposals and reports for academic professional development initiatives to VCAG, Senate and other committees, as appropriate.
  3. Facilitate and drive faculty engagement in academic professional development initiatives.
  4. Monitor and evaluate academic professional development initiatives.
  5. Promote academic professional development activities and successes to the wider UOW University community, and more broadly, as appropriate. 
 Committee membership 
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
  • Academic Senate representative
  • NTEU – Wollongong Branch representative
  • UEC Representative
  • Dean of Research
  • UIC Representative
  • Director, Learning, Teaching and Curriculum (Deputy Chair)
  • HR Director
  • Manager, PODS
  • Faculty representative from each Faculty

The list of current members can be found here.

Further Information

Comments and questions about the Committee may be directed to the Executive Officer  (Professional & Organisational Development Services).  

Last reviewed: 21 April, 2016

Committee Dates

2018 Schedule of Committee Meetings (Draft)

The 2018 Schedule of Committee Meetings is currently under development. All approved and tentative dates advised to Governance have been updated on this schedule.

Please send any additions or changes to Governance.

2017 Schedule of Committee Meetings

This schedule includes meeting details for University Council and Council Committees, Academic Senate and its committees, as well as Faculty and other University Committees.

The 2017 Schedule of Committee Meetings is currently up to date. Any additions or changes should be sent to Governance.