Faculty Committees

Faculty Advisory Committees

Provisions regulating Faculty Advisory Committees (sometimes known as Faculty Visiting Committees) have been substantially revised with the introduction of the Faculty Academic Governance Policy. That policy provides that it is a matter for each Faculty as to whether it shall establish a Faculty Advisory Committee.

The policy states that where the Faculty determines to establish a Faculty Advisory Committee, the Faculty Advisory Committee must operate consistent with minimum requirements with regard to its Terms of Reference and Membership Provisions as set out in the Faculty Academic Governance Policy.

Last reviewed: 28 June, 2013

Committee Dates

2018 Schedule of Committee Meetings (Draft)

The 2018 Schedule of Committee Meetings is currently under development. All approved and tentative dates advised to Governance have been updated on this schedule.

Please send any additions or changes to Governance.

2017 Schedule of Committee Meetings

This schedule includes meeting details for University Council and Council Committees, Academic Senate and its committees, as well as Faculty and other University Committees.

The 2017 Schedule of Committee Meetings is currently up to date. Any additions or changes should be sent to Governance.