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    219th Council Meeting: 20 April 2011


    The following matters, which may be of interest to the staff and students of the University, were considered by the University Council at its meeting of 20 April 2011.

    Next Vice-Chancellor

    Council approved the appointment of Professor Paul Wellings as the next Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wollongong. Professor Wellings was appointed for a 5 year term commencing on 1 January 2012. Further information about Professor Wellings:

    Council Membership

    Ms Rosemary Sinclair has resigned from the University Council having taken up an appointment at the University of New South Wales. The Council wished her all the best for her future endeavours. A candidate to replace Ms Sinclair on Council, together with other candidates for Ministerial appointment to the Council from 2012 will be considered by the Council Nominations Committee at its next meeting.

    Council Committee Membership

    • Mr Peter Fitzgerald was reappointed as Chair of the Audit Management & Review Committee

    • Mr Peter Fitzgerald and Mr Noel Cornish were reappointed to the Council iC Oversight Committee

    • Dr Liz Magassy was appointed to the Council Nominations Committee

    Vice-Chancellor’s Report

    The Vice-Chancellor reported as follows:

    AUQA Audit Update

    The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) advised that the AUQA Audit had been conducted over eleven days at UOW, the Sydney Business School, the University of Wollongong in Dubai and UOW offshore partners in Hong Kong and Singapore. The University’s chosen themes were undergraduate teaching and learning and internationalisation. At the conclusion of the audit, the AUQA panel gave a verbal report that indicated broad satisfaction with the University’s operations in these areas. The DVC(A) noted that a draft written report with recommendations for improvements was expected at the end of May, at which time the University would have two weeks to correct any errors of fact. It is expected the final report will be published in June or July.

    The Vice-Chancellor noted that the verbal report given after the audit suggested that the University had performed particularly well in the undergraduate teaching and learning theme. The DVC(A) and the Vice-Chancellor praised the work of the team that supported the AUQA audit and the large numbers of academic and administrative staff who gave their time and efforts before and during the audit.

    NSW Elections

    Council congratulated UOW Council member, Gareth Ward on his election as NSW member for Kiama. The Vice-Chancellor advised that the new Minister for the Illawarra was Greg Pearce and that the Minister for Education was Adrian Piccoli.


    It was reported that domestic enrolments were up 2.6% compared to 2010 with a strong increase (41%) in offshore international enrolments [including UOW Dubai (+60) / INTI(Laureate) (+103) / Singapore Institute of Management (+43) / IRI Hong Kong (+29)]. Onshore international commencements fell 8.8% predominately in the postgraduate coursework area.

    Orientation Activities

    “O” Week was held from 22-24 February 2011 and welcomed 2900 students. Overall attendance was up on previous years at 68% of 1st year students. The Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor advised that the parents and guardian’s evening held on 15 February was a success. The evening provides an introduction to the Wollongong campus and university life and includes presentations and information from staff and students. Attendance was mostly by the parents of first in family students and the presentations were complemented by a faculty host at each table who initiated discussion and explained how the University and parents or guardians can best support new students. The Vice-Chancellor reported that hundreds of new international students attended the Welcome to Wollongong (W2W) Civic Reception at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre on 25 February whereby the local community and the University welcome new international students to the city. More information on “O” Week:

    Research and Innovation

    A national SMART Infrastructure Research Summit has been held in Canberra’s Parliament House last month in conjunction with the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport. Further information:

    On 23 March, the University had hosted the Inaugural Wollongong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar to workshop the programs needed in Wollongong to further develop the Innovation Ecosystem. Further information about research at UOW:

    Teaching and Learning

    A new Common Teaching Building (Building 24) has been constructed to accommodate 568 students within twelve teaching spaces. Located centrally on the campus and extending over three levels, the $8 million project was completed in January and houses state-of-the-art teaching facilities. A dedicated $1.4 million Language Centre has also been constructed through a conversion of the ground floor of the Arts Faculty (Building 19). This facility provides two 24-seat language laboratories, a student study area and staff offices and provides a purpose built location for the University’s growing language enrolments. Further information on the new Language Centre:

    The Vice-Chancellor noted that the Sydney Business School’s MBA has achieved a 5 star rating from the Graduate Management Association of Australia (GMAA). The program is one of only eight university MBA programs to be accorded the highest ranking in the GMAA’s 2010 star rating classification. Further info:

    60th Anniversary Celebrations

    The Vice-Chancellor reminded Council that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of a University presence in the region and that the anniversary will be celebrated through various activities and events and in marketing materials. UOW Alumni from over the past 60 years are being encouraged to tell their stories.

    University Financial Statements 2010

    The Deputy Vice-Principal (Finance & IT) gave a presentation to Council on the consolidated 2010 Financial Statements of the University, the ITC Ltd, UniCentre and the URAC. The Chair of the Audit Management & Review Committee advised that the Committee had considered the 2010 financial statements and recommended them to Council for endorsement. The financial statements will be published in the University’s Annual Report at the end of April.

    Faculty Presentation

    Council noted the presentation provided by Professor John Glynn, Executive Dean of the Sydney Business School. For further information regarding the Sydney Business School, refer to:

    Excellence in Research Australia (ERA): 2010 Outcomes

    The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) updated Council on the University’s positive ERA results. She noted that in a recent article, Wollongong was one of three universities praised for achieving significant value for money in terms of research. The DVC(R) advised that the ERA scheme was an important process to participate in but that it would contribute to the research strategy at Wollongong and not determine it. She noted that UOW is lobbying for ERA to include research impact as a key measure for research assessment. More information about the University’s ERA results:

    Strategic Planning

    Council approved the 2011-13 UOW Management Plans and reviews the report on the Annual Performance against UOW Strategic Goals 2010. For more information about strategic planning:

    UOW Library Report 2010

    Council received the 2010 Annual Report from the University Library. The report is available online at:

    Business from the Audit Management & Review Committee

    Council received the minutes of the 4 February and 25 March 2011 meetings of the Audit Management & Review Committee. For further information regarding the Audit Management & Review Committee:

    Business from the Administrative Committee

    Council received the minutes (unratified) of the 1 March 2011 meeting of the Administrative Committee. For further information regarding the Administrative Committee:

    Innovation Campus Oversight Committee

    Council received a progress report on the developments at the Innovation Campus and the minutes of the 4 February 2011 meeting. For further information regarding the Innovation Campus:

    Approvals / amendments to UOW Rules and Policies

    Council approved the following amendments to UOW Rules and Policies

    • Revised Authorship Policy:

    • Amendments to the General Course Rules:

    • Amendments to the Delegations of authority Policy:

    Occupational Health & Safety

    Council noted the February 2011 OH&S Report. For further information about OH&S:

    Reports from UOW Student Associations

    Council received 2010 financial summaries and reports on activities from the Wollongong University Postgraduate Association and the Wollongong Undergraduate Student Association. For more information about student representation at UOW:

    Student Representation:



    Student Advocacy Officer:

    The next meeting of Council is scheduled for Friday 10 June 2011.

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