Advisory Committees to the Vice-Chancellor


The University of Wollongong’s Vice-Chancellor’s Advisory Group (VCAG) meets on a weekly basis in order to share information and provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor. VCAG meetings are not constituted as a formal committee of the Academic Senate or University Council and do not make decisions on matters that are the responsibility of these bodies. However, it will consider policies and recommendations that might be put to Senate and/or Council for discussion and potential approval.


VCAG meets every Monday morning.

Terms of Reference

The main roles of the meetings of VCAG are:

  • To continually refine and focus the strategic direction of UOW and prioritise operational decisions according to this framework.
  • To support and advise the Vice-Chancellor and the Senior Executive in carrying out their duties.
  • To act as a conduit of information.
  • To take an initial view on new or contentious business and to make sure that this is routed properly through the relevant parts of the management or governance structure.
  • To present policy statements or proposals for discussion.
  • To provide a forum for mutual support.


VCAG shall consist of:

  • Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Strategy)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Health & Communities)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Executive Dean (Faculty of Business)
  • Executive Dean (Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences)
  • Executive Dean (Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts)
  • Executive Dean (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Executive Dean (Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health)


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Last reviewed: 14 November, 2017

Committee Dates

2018 Schedule of Committee Meetings (Draft)

The 2018 Schedule of Committee Meetings is currently under development. All approved and tentative dates advised to Governance have been updated on this schedule.

Please send any additions or changes to Governance.

2017 Schedule of Committee Meetings

This schedule includes meeting details for University Council and Council Committees, Academic Senate and its committees, as well as Faculty and other University Committees.

The 2017 Schedule of Committee Meetings is currently up to date. Any additions or changes should be sent to Governance.