Academic Senate and its Committees

Questions on Notice 

The Academic Senate Questions on Notice is an initiative of the Vice-Chancellor.

Questions on Notice provides an opportunity for members of the UOW Community, who may not be representatives of the Academic Senate, to raise queries with the Academic Senate.

Questions on Notice are raised through a current member of Academic Senate or the Academic Senate Executive Officer.

All Questions on Notice will be passed to the Vice-Chancellor by the Chair of Academic Senate, or in absence of the Chair, the Deputy Chair. The Vice-Chancellor will nominate the most suitable member to answer the questions.

The member will provide an answer to questions at the next sitting of Academic Senate. The person who raised the question will be notified when the answer will be provided at Academic Senate. Answers to the questions on notice will be included in the meeting minutes, which are on the Academic Senate web page.

Please note, for a question to be considered at the next meeting of Academic Senate, it needs to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the meeting date. This provides enough time to ensure a comprehensive response and for its inclusion in the agenda papers (which are distributed a week before the meeting). 

Please also feel welcome to contact the Executive Officer to Academic Senate by email for more information.

To submit your question to Academic Senate, please complete the form below.

Last reviewed: 21 August, 2017

Committee Dates

2018 Schedule of Committee Meetings 

This schedule includes meeting details for University Council and Council Committees, Academic Senate and its committees, as well as Faculty and other University Committees.

The 2018 Schedule of Committee Meetings is currently being finalised. All approved and tentative dates advised to Governance have been updated on this schedule.

Please send any additions or changes to Governance.