About the Global Rugby Program Scholarship

We have a limited number of Global Rugby Program scholarships available for students joining the program in 2024.

Applicants will be assessed on both their rugby ability and their personal character. Successful applicants will be expected to uphold the standards required of those training under the Crusaders banner.

Recipients of the scholarships will be those who are deemed to be able to contribute positively to the on-field and off-field environment in the Global Rugby Program.

All scholarships are to the value of $5,000. This amount will be deducted from the final amount you will pay for your place in the Program. This is not a cash scholarship.

Successful applicants cannot receive multiple GRP scholarships in the same year, but will be eligible to re-apply for a scholarship the following year. You must have first completed an application to the Global Rugby Program prior to completing a scholarship application.

Hints to complete the application

  • Ensure the footage is clear and you are easily identifiable in the clips. The clips should show your strengths as a rugby player.
  • The video should be no more than 10mins in length.
  • The link provided should link directly to a YouTube video or a video on another video sharing service (Vimeo) that is freely accessible.
  • Your rugby resume should provide a snapshot of your career path and achievements to date
  • Include your preferred position(s)
  • Highlight strengths in your rugby game including technical, tactical or leadership qualities.
  • You should include two references in this section.
  • The first reference should be from a rugby coach or mentor who can testify to your rugby attributes.
  • The second should be a positive reference to your personal character.
  • The references should be from two different people who are not related to you.

You should include a personal statement that explains your motivation for joining the UOW Crusaders Global Rugby Program. To support this you might include information about your goals (for the year and longer term goals), how you hope to achieve them and how this program can contribute to your progression.

The final part of the scholarship evaluation will be completed via an online interview. This is your chance to meet the coaching and administrative staff behind the Global Rugby Program and speak about your application. The Interview panel will consist of representatives from UOW and the Crusaders.

When can I apply?

You must have first completed an application to the Global Rugby Program prior to completing a scholarship application.

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