Action 2030: The defining decade

8 - 9 December 2020 | Wollongong, NSW, Australia



8-9 December 2020

Experts from around the world are cautioning that the next ten years are critical in order to reduce the impact of climate change, an environmental shift that also affects economies, inequality, disease and an increase in natural disasters.

The United Nations has developed the Sustainable Development Goals to hold its 193 member states and their communities accountable to work toward these pressing global challenges.

The conference

This conference brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines with community, industry and Government to share knowledge around some of the world’s most pressing challenges of our time.

The two-day conference hosted by UOW Global Challenges invites leaders in equality, future industries, climate change and health to share their expertise on how and what we can do as communities to mobilise during the next ten years at a local and national level, and make impact globally.

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