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Clubs and Societies

There are over 50 clubs and societies on campus, ranging from religious and cultural groups to recreation and social groups. The UniCentre and the Students’ Association manage many of the clubs; and the email addresses for these can be found on the Clubs and Societies website.

Sport and Recreation

UniActive provides world-class facilities for sport and recreation. There are a total of 24 different sports clubs.

Centre for Student Engagement

The Centre for Student Engagement runs a number of leadership, training, community engagement and environmental programs designed to give students the best possible experience while at University and to develop the skills and confidence to engage in life after study.

Wollongong Undergraduate Students' Association (WUSA)

The Wollongong Undergraduate Student Association is a council elected by the student body. All undergraduate students are able to vote and to run for a position on WUSA, which includes an International Students Advisory Committee elected to represent the interests of international students. WUSA provides free advocacy and support for students who are experiencing difficulties with their studies; produces a student newspaper; runs a second-hand bookshop; provides cheap photocopying, faxing and binding; provides free tea and coffee; and interest-free emergency loans.

International Student Programs

International Student Programs comprise a range of initiatives which provide non-academic programs, activities and events that contribute to the wellbeing of international students.

ISP value and promote cultural understanding, sensitivity and tolerance by facilitating meaningful interaction between local and international students and the wider community.

These programs include:

International Friendship Program

The International Friendship Program is a program that links international students with members of the campus community for the purpose of establishing cross-cultural friendship. Throughout the year there are lunches and other social activities.

Momentum Student Mentor Program

Momentum is a program in which experienced and responsible mentors are recruited from various cultural backgrounds, and who mentor five to ten students each. After an initial mentoring period students are invited to attend weekly seminars of relevance to international students such as migration advice, campus safety and accommodation.

Budget sightseeing trips

ICIS Sightseeing Trips are single day events that take students to local places of interest such as Sydney, Canberra, wildlife parks and indigenous culture tours.

Cultural Ambassador Program

Cultural Ambassadors are international students who visit schools in the local area to talk about their home country, and provide school students with the opportunity to learn more about the world around them.

Last reviewed: 29 November, 2017