Your IB

About your International Baccalaureate (IB)

We know as an International Baccalaureate student, you're ready to make an impact.  

The IB gives you the intellectual, leadership and social skills to influence others and create positive change in our world. UOW shares these values, and holds the writing and investigation skills learnt during the IB in high regard. This is why UOW offers IB graduates an enriching education. 

UOW is a truly international university with students, staff and graduates from all over the world. Through our excellence in research and our high graduate employability ratings – UOW’s staff and alumni are succeeding on a world stage. The University also has campuses and teaching partners in the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Applying to UOW with your IB

All high school and IB students applying for university must apply through the University Admission Centre (UAC) to be considered for entry. 

Find your course

The UOW Course Finder provides details of more than 200 undergraduate degrees offered across our nine Australian campuses. It includes information on the minimum IB scores you need to be considered for a place in a degree, plus any other requirements for admission, such as auditions or interviews. Take a look – you may be surprised at your options.

Find a course 


When applying for university through UAC, UOW always advises you to make sure your first preference is what you are most passionate about, followed by courses that are just as interesting to you. Never put a course on your UAC preferences that you don’t want to study and never choose a course just based on your IB results.

You must apply through UAC if you are:

  • an Australian citizen (including dual citizenship holders)
  • a New Zealand citizen (including dual citizen)
  • an Australian permanent resident visa holder
  • an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa holder

For information on application procedures, dates and fees go to the UAC website.


You must authorise the release of your results to UAC – otherwise UAC will not be able to access them. This can be done by submitting the Request for Results Service on the International Baccalaureate Information System (IBIS).

In some cases, your school may do this on your behalf, but it’s best to check with your school’s IB Diploma coordinator. Once this is complete, UAC will receive your IB Diploma results directly from the International Baccalaureate organisation.


If you do well in an IB subject that is relevant to the UOW degree you’d like to study, you can earn adjustment points – because we know students who do well in relevant subjects are usually well prepared for a related course at uni. When you apply through UAC, any subject adjustment factors you are eligible for will be automatically added.

Please note: An IB score at or above the one listed on a degree in Course Finder does not always guarantee you entry. The scores shown are the minimum scores required for consideration in these degrees.

For more information, please visit the IB Diploma student page on UAC. 

UOW Early Admission

UOW Early Admission is our early offer program that recognises your personal qualities and skills define who you are. With UOW Early Admission, we get to know you through an interview, look at the results you’ve achieved so far and can reward your hard work with a place at UOW. Final year IB Diploma students can apply for this program through the UOW website.

Please note: You must also still apply for the relevant degree/degrees through UAC.

Apply for UOW Early Admission 

Advanced Degrees and Opportunities

For students who have proven they can go above and beyond, UOW offers opportunities and support, including special degree programs, extended learning opportunities and a range of undergraduate research opportunities. High achieving students should consider:

  • Honours
  • Advanced degrees
  • Dean’s scholar
  • Scholar degrees

See our degrees and scholarships for more information. 


Last reviewed: 1 February, 2018