Degrees & scholarships

Your degree. Your future. Find your why.


At UOW we have over 470 degrees for you to choose from, allowing you to explore your passions and find your why during your studies. So whether you see yourself designing the sustainable world of tomorrow, inspiring our future leaders or thriving in business, we’ve got the degree for you.

Our Course Finder provides details of all UOW degrees, and allows you to search by the study area or by ATAR. Take a look – you may be surprised at your options.


UOW range of scholarships for new commencing students, with categories recognising and considering (but not limited to) - academic excellence, community involvment, regional students relocating to Wollongong and financial hardship. The Scholarship site has a full list of categories. We definitely encourage new students to apply for scholarships. 

Management Cadetships

What about being paid to work while you study? If you have strong communication skills, and can demonstrate initiative and creativity, you should consider applying for a UOW Management Cadetship. The Cadetship program provides opportunities for successful applicants to combine paid work at UOW with their study. The experience of working in a professional environment while studying, has provided our graduate Cadets with employment experience that has helped them become very successful in their graduate employment positions.

International exchange

UOW also offers a range of adventure-laden international exchange programs that can see you study part of your UOW degree with one of our 150 international partners.  You can immerse yourself in another culture, combine your travel and study, and have an amazing educational experience. Oh...and there's travel grants and funding support available. 

Last reviewed: 23 May, 2017